Can you drink water from your rain barrel?

The simple answer is NO. Rain water can be some of the cleanest water on the earth. Unfortunately once rain water touches your roof and runs through your downspout it is nolonger pure water. All manor of particulate and microbial inpurities may then inhabit the water. These inpurities while harmless to your plants and lawn may make a human or pet sick. If you intend on harvesting rain water for drinking then you must invest in a filtering system approved for drinking water.

Since it is not safe for drinking, is it safe for your lawn and garden?

Absolutely. The water collected is safe for your flowers, gardens, and lawns. Be sure to wash any vegetable or fruit products you grow before consumption.

Will a rain barrel save me money and water?

40%-50% of water used in summer the spring and summer months are used outdoors. If you replace a portion of that usage with rain water then your water bill will be reduced accordingly. The rain barrels helps by collecting storm water that comes gushing out of your downspout. The rain water collected works best for watering small gardens by hand or you can direct the water straight to your garden. Making the rain barrel eco-friendly.

Is collecting rain water legal?

In the majority of the United States collecting rain water is perfectly legal. However, you should check with your local ordinances to be sure you are within any guidelines set down.