What kind of marking paint should I purchase?
In testing THE MINGO we found that every major brand of inverted contractors paint (more commonly known as surveyors paint) worked very well.  This paint may be purchased at any local hardware store of your choice.  The specific type of can requires sideways motion of the nozzle to cause spraying, however there are inverted marking paints on the market that require the nozzle to be depressed to spray, these will not operate in THE MINGO.

What color should I purchase?
There are a variety of colors to choose from.  We found that florescent paints have more of a tendency to plug prematurely, so we recommend reds, whites and blues as the best performers.  When not in use, always remember to invert THE MINGO and clear nozzle of paint by pushing the trigger sideways.

How do I install a paint can?
First, always follow manufacturer’s instructions on all paint cans.  Shake paint for one minute after the ball rattles.  Remove plastic cap from paint can with appropriate tool, invert THE MINGO and install the paint can making sure the nozzle goes through the hole in the trigger.  Turn THE MINGO right side up and install paint can retainer.  You will notice one end of the retainer in flat and the other end in rounded, lay the rounded end on the lip of the paint can and against THE MINGO housing with the edges of the rounded end pointed up, then just press on the center of the retainer down until the straight end rests on the lip opposite the rounded side, its that simple.  However: it is not necessary to use this retainer, it is faster and easier to shake and mix the paint without it.  Always remember to clear the nozzle of paint when not in use.  

How do I remove the paint can?                                                                                 
Pushing on the paint can beside the nozzle and trigger with a ½ inch dowel or stick while retainer is completely depressed will easily release the paint can.  Never perform this step using a sharp object.

How do I operate THE MINGO?
Loosen wing nut until wheel rotates easily.  Gently drag THE MINGO backwards on log at least 18 inches or until wheel stops turning and stop when paint nozzle is directly over the edge of the log.  Next, simply roll THE MINGO down the log keeping the paint can in a straight vertical position, yes it is that easy and fast.  When finished always clear nozzle of paint, this is very important.  Always rotate wheel backwards manually until cam hits trigger and tighten wing nut to prevent accidental spraying.

How do I adjust for different length marking?
THE MINGO comes packaged with a standard 16 inch marking wheel, let’s say you need a 14 inch log to fit your fire box.  You will need to purchase an optional wheel marked (14 inch wheel) on the box.  You would then remove the wing nut, bolt and 16 inch wheel, and install the 14 inch wheel in the holes marked 14 inches.  By changing the holes it maintains a proper nozzle to log distance and also keeps a correct cam to trigger position.  Currently we offer 14, 16, and 18 inch marking wheels; soon to be available will be the 6, 12, 20 and 24 inch wheels.  No tools are required for this simple task.

How much will one can of paint mark?
One can of paint will mark up to 75 cords or mark a distance of up to 5 miles.  This will vary depending on the diameter of the log, distance between paint marks and at what speed you roll THE MINGO.

How do I take care of THE MINGO?
THE MINGO is chemical resistant, not chemical proof. If gasoline or oil is spilled on THE MINGO, wipe off with a clean rag.  To clean the wheel of pitch and bark use a brass wire brush.  We all know UV rays are hard on plastic and bleach out any colors that are added so we recommend that you store it out of direct sun light.