Stonecrest Assembly

Installing your Outdoor Fireplace

The following instructions are for the Stonecrest Ventless Outdoor Fireplace. Installation of other models vary slightly.

Step 1. With hearth tilted back, bolt together
Step 2. Remove protective pieces from Ventless firebox
Step 3. With hearth in place, install firebox
Step 4. With firebox in place, make all gas connections with air space between front of firebox & hearth for ventilation
Step 5. With all gas connections made and pressure tested, bolt side sections to hearth
Step 6. Run wire to switch bolt and bolt back to side sections
Step 7. Stack and bolt subsequent sections
Step 8. With chimney in place and bolted together the installation is complete
Step 9. All seams should be grouted with sanded grout. Once grout is dry, clean and reseal fireplace with a flat sheen penetrating sealer