Rick Wittrig cutting out a fire pit

Each fire pit piece is handcrafted by a skilled metal artist in Tennessee. The artist personally creates each fire pit using the metal working skills he originally learned from the Mennonites that he grew up with. He blends art and practicality by cutting and welding steel into a hybrid of practical and artistic forms.

Cutting out the design on the fire pit

The artist loves sitting outside with friends and his family, especially when the gathering is centered around a fire. He noticed that after using most fire pits for just a few short years, they began to lose their visual appeal and even corroded away. To solve this problem he began creating his own line of fire pits. In doing so, he quickly discovered how much he loved creating an item that could bring people together so intimately. Conversations and spirits intertwine when people gather around a fire, and the artist works hard to ensure that these fire pits will last for a lifetime of fires.

marking the design on the fire pit the fire pit work bench

Each fire pit is shaped by electric arc welding tools. The artist joins the fire pit bowl to its base using an inside weld. Putting the weld inside the base is no easy task but once completed, the reward is a completely smooth joint on the visible outer edge. His attention to detail is unparalleled, and his custom pieces are incomparable to other fire pits in the market. The artist is willing to work with individual pit owners to give them a truly unique custom fire pit. He's been called upon to make many custom pieces, from designs featuring a Fleur De Lis to a Funky Dog.