Woodburning or Gas Logs?

Customer's ask us all the time which burning option we recommend for the Mirage Stone Outdoor Fireplace. Both wood/charcoal and gas have their advantages and it is really up to the homeowner to decide which is best for their unqiue situation. But we will give you a few things to consider:
  1. The wood/charcoal option comes with a grill for barbecuing. This gives your fireplace a dual purpose; a fireplace for heat and a barbecue grill.

  2. The Gas Log Set makes using the Mirage Stone Outdoor Fireplace easy and clean. There are no ashes to worry about and its easy to get a fire going and to shut it down - just the flip of a switch. You will need to consider if you are going to use natural gas or liquid propane. If you are going to use natural gas, you will need to get a licensed contractor to install a gas line for you.

  3. We highly recommend the Gas Log Set option over the Wood/Charcoal option for the Mirage Stone See-Through Outdoor Fireplace. Since all four sides of the unit are open, wind can cause fine ashes to blow through the screens if you are burning wood or charcoal. This problem is avoided if you choose the Gas Log Set since the Gas Log Set burns clean.