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No air tight door is completely air tight however, each of our air tight/gasketed doors are made with a fireproof gasket, two additional latches that are installed at the bottom of the unit to keep the doors tight and the inside fitting doors will touch the gasket material when closed.

As with all glass doors, the Air Tight/Gasketed door should not be closed when burning your fire. A closed door can cause excessive heat to build up on your glass doors and could cause the glass to break. Always burn your fire with your glass doors open.

Eliminate cold drafts and odor while gaining control of your fire with an air tight fireplace door. Each door features twin door, steel framed, glass door selections that have a continuous woven gasket sealing them for the frame of the door. The combination of these gaskets with a positive locking latch, virtually eliminates heat loss from the home through the fireplace opening.

The Air Tight/Gasketed door is only available for Rectangular or Arch Twin (Cabinet) Doors. It cannot be used on any Bi-Fold door unit.