Composting Information

Recent advancements in Composting Toilet technology have brought them to the forefront of the green movement. Rarely has there been a product that is so beneficial to both the environment as well as the individual who utilizes it. Composting toilets help to replicate a cycle that has existed in nature for thousands of years, namely, the natural decomposition and usage of waste as a rich nutrient for soil. This is truly the circle of life in motion.

Composting Toilets offer something that no other toilet offers: the ability to turn human waste into completely safe, completely organic compost. There are a variety of other reasons to choose a composting toilet for your next toilet installation.

100% Non-Polluting

These self contained toilets use the natural process of decomposition to breakdown human waste into a safe fertilizing soil. Liquid waste is completely evaporated on many models with the assistance of a low powered fan and heating element. Other models use a small lined evapo-transpiration bed to handle any excess liquid. The result is no discharge and no discharge means there is no possibility of polluting ground water.

Completely Waterless

Most of these self contained toilets are completely waterless. Conventional toilets waste anywhere from 1.6 gallons to 5 gallons of water per flush. These composting toilets have prevented over 2 billion gallons of water from being needlessly flushed away.

No Messy Chemicals

These composting toilets use only a peat moss mixture and bacteria to compost human waste. By not using chemicals the waste can be composted and will not be contaminating the soil.


These composting toilets support aerobic decomposition which produced no sewer gases. Furthermore, a partial vacuum is maintained by the venting system to ensure no odor is possible.

Easy to Maintain

These toilets are simple to use and maintain. You simply add a peat moss mixture to the waste and rotate a handle on the unit twice a week. The end result is a nutrient rich fertilizing soil!