EcoSmart Burner Benefits

The EcoSmart bio-ethanol burners have residential and commercial use allowing you to transform a space in a creative way. These burners do not need a chimney or flue because they burn an environmentally bio-ethanol, allowing them to be installed just about anywhere.

These burners have a unique design, making them easy to use and safer than the compitetion. A deep-draw fabrication process in the construction of the burner eliminates the potential for dangerous leaks, while the standard provision of a twin skin to hold the burner adds further peace of mind.

The filling process has been changed to be safer and elimates fuel splasing. The filling point on the burner cannot be accessed while the burner is open - ensuring that the flame is fully extinguished before refuelling. The filling point is spring loaded and opens/closes when the filling jerry can is attached or removed. When filling the spout rests on the plate withing the filling point to descrean the risk of over-filling the burner and eliminating the usualy splace and spills that occur when fuel in decanted into the burner.

Each burner includes: