Composting Information

The Loogtlight can be used in several ways. In addition to being a quick and envrionmentally friendly way to light your barbecue or fire, it gives you full control over when your grill is ready to start cooking.

How it works:

Tip: Place the metal grill over the barbecue once the charcoal has been lit and then continue to use the Looftlighter through it. Any remains of food on the grate will be burned off by the high level of heat - the Looflighter effectively results in what's called "pyrolytic cleaning" of the grill.

Tip: Even if you've started the grill as usual (by using the Looftlighter for one minute and then letting the charcoal burn down) you can fastforward the process at any time in order to control when you start grilling.

Tip: If you have a lid for your barbecue, you can close it to put out the charcoal - of your guests are late, for example - then simply start heating the charcoal again with the Looftlighter when it's time to cook.


Tip: If the charcoal has burned down and you need to add new charcoal, you can quickly get it ready again with the lighter.