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Cast Brass Burner:

The Lynx cast brass burners are designed to meet commercial restauart design and standards. This design allows the burner to hold and radiate a high temperature, so a passing breeze can?t rob the grill of heat. The burner is cast in brass, a tough-as-nails alloy that is less prone to corrosion. In combination with the ceramic briquette array, this makes for an extremely even cooking temperature.

ProSear2 Infrared Burner:

The Lynx ProSear2 infrared burner is superior in design and performance. With instatnaneous temperature adjustment from high to low, it also reduces flare ups by 2/3rd. The variable control of the infrared burner allows you to sear a filet mignon, then throttle back to cook delicate seafood like scallops. The intense, controllable heat offers 23,000 BTUs of cooking power.