Rain barrels collect rain water, a free and renewable resource. The collected water reduces your use of municipal or well water. This saves the local water supply while at the same time reducing your water bill by up to 50% in the summer months. Collected rain water can be used to water your lawns during water bans. Rain barrels stop excessive water from entering our storm drains and over taxing our water treatment systems.

Storm water gushing out of a down spout can cause landscape degrading and if heavy enough can even cause flooding in your basement. Rain barrels help to mitigate storm water over flow and when properly set up will direct excess water away from your foundation. Also, rain water is not treated with chemicals like chlorine and flouride which can inhibit plant growth. The naturally soft and healthy rain water will do wonders for your lawn and garden and because it is soft water it will leave give a spotless sheen to your car.

Rain Barrel Uses