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The taller the chimney, the better the draft, causing more smoke to be pulled out of the flue. Unless you want to build a chimney that reaches skyscraper heights, a chimney pot is an excellent solution to add this functionality. Chimney pots also keep out rain (which enters the home, causing mildew and mold), unwanted pests and beautifully covers what is typically an unsightly termination to the fireplace flue.

aged copper shroud

Historically, chimney pots were crafted from clay because this material was abundantly available. Clay, however, adds tremendous weight to the top of a chimney and is cumbersome to install. A European Copper chimney pot adds the height needed to draw smoke out of the flue without adding the additional weight.

brown copper shroud

A patina finish can be applied to our chimney pots to enhance the aged appearance. This application is hand mixed so that no two finishes are identical, resulting in a more realistic and custom look for the home. You can choose from a natural green patina or a more unique brown patina. If you do not choose to have your copper pot aged then you will receive a beautiful bright copper pot, to keep it looking bright and new be sure to use a protective coating like our 421 Clear Copper Protective Coating, item number 1091583. If you do allow the copper pot to aged naturally then you will be rewarded with the experience of seeing your pot changing slowly over time from a bright salmon copper to a beautiful green patina.