Black Fireplace Hearth Gloves - Long

Item # 1181004

4.773 out of 5 Customer Rating (75) Reviews
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Black Fireplace Hearth Gloves - Long

Item # 1181004

4.773 out of 5 Customer Rating (75) Reviews

These deluxe fully insulated Black Fireplace Hearth Gloves are made of suede and they feature a glove-in-glove design. They are 100% split cowhide exterior with a full interior lining of non-asbestos felt. They have reinforced welted seams to protect...

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Product Details

These deluxe fully insulated Black Fireplace Hearth Gloves are made of suede and they feature a glove-in-glove design. They are 100% split cowhide exterior with a full interior lining of non-asbestos felt. They have reinforced welted seams to protect finger tips and have a convenient loop for easy storage. These gloves are customer favorites because of the handsome suede material and all around durability.


  • Type: Gloves
  • Material: Felt | Suede
  • Height: 20"
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 2 lbs.
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Product Reviews

Best Gloves for the fireplace!

I made the mistake of purchasing a tool set to short to reach across the woodstove the entire distance (I have a big woodstove) so I was burning my forearms and hands when pulling coals, loading firewood, and servicing a hot stove. No longer! These gloves are fabulous! They are extremely well made, very durable, and wonderfully comfortable. Yes, I felt they were a little pricey too- but they are very functional and promise to last for years... I'm guessing about 25 years that is. They are that well manufactured. While I wouldn't hold burning logs in my hand for any long period of time, you could literally reach in and pick up burning coals and logs with these gloves as long as it was for a very brief period with no ill effects to the glove... I know because I did it.

Product Review

These gloves were a gift for my son, who has just set up and is running a GARN heating system at the 1850s farm house he is restoring. He was totally pleased with the quality and material. They fit over the sleeves of his Carhart, which was a concern. A totally successful Christmas present!

Hearth Gloves

I gave these as a gift. The recipient is VERY pleased with them, especially the gauntlet length. No more burned forearms. I'll remember your site.

Review of fireplace hearth gloves

Just what I needed after stupidly rolling out a burning log onto hearth.And, though, the long length which I ordered extends up quite a ways on my arms, the glove does the job.Thank you.

review of the hearth gloves

The long length is wonderful and works will to protect sleeves when reaching deep into our wood stove. They are not as heat-protective and our old leather gloves, which were a bit thicker. If our stove is over 500 degrees and we open the metal top to load a log in, and a hand is holding the hot metal for more than a second or two, the heat comes through. So more heat-protection particularly in the fingers would be a plus. Still, they are very comfortable and flexible and offer very nice protection overall.

Review: Hearth Gloves

The gloves work very well. Insulation is good, design is good and comfort level is good. I would recommend this product.

The Gloves are Awesome

I bought these for my dad and he absolutely loves them!

fireplace hearth gloves long

Tey are very nice gloves but a lettle too long

Hearth gloves

The hearth gloves purchased through Woodland Direct are just what I needed. For years I used oven mits to open and close my wood stove. They would eventually burn, and I would have to continually replace them. Once in a while I would get burns on my forearms loading the stove. These hearth gloves are sturdy leather with a liner inside for insulation. They completely cover and protect my forearms. They are perfect for what I need. I wish that I had them years ago.

Well Functrioning, Bad Smell

As other reviews of these gloves say, they really do function excellently. I have litterally loaded wood into our stoves and touched the inside of the stove, hot coals, and done things wearing these I would never think of doing without having them on! The only unpleasant thing is that they smell a bit from the treatment of the colored cow hide. I don't see this as a negative if you are used to leather goods and such, you may even like this smell, but both me and my husband find the glove odor rather intrusive. The length of the gloves is a necessity for loading a woodstove, and they do the job well. One thing to keep in mind is that many layers of clothing don't work so well under the length of the gloves, or i would guess if you have huge forearms.

life-saving gloves

After rolling a burning log out onto the hearth, I realized that I needed more than fireplace tools to deal with things. The long gloves do the job....and, even though they extend all the way to my elbows, that area also needs protection.Thank you for this great bit of assistance.


I love the gloves. They are very thick and protect from burns just like I wanted. Thanks

Black Fireplace Hearth Gloves - Long

Finally found a good pair of hearth gloves.

hearth gloves

tremendous product, very protective. i don't feel a thing in a very hot insert. highly recommend this product. delivery very fast. great company.

The gloves make fire management easier.

1181004 Black Fireplace Hearth Gloves - Long

These gloves are far superior to others I have tried--one pair from the hardware store lasted less than a week before literally burning out. I highly recommend these.

Hearth Gloves

Great product, makes working the fireplace a lot easier. I highly recommend these gloves.

Black Fireplace Hearth Gloves

Just LOVE these gloves! They are just the thing for being able to get a log into a wood stove and then position it-perfectly! No more burns, no more splinters, no more worries... Only thing is I originally ordered the long ones, and they were way too long-much longer then they looked in their online picture. The short ones cover just the right amount of arm without making you look like a welder....


They are nice heavy duty gloves which do provide protection from the fire and hot wood stove parts. My only complaint is that the right-hand glove "thumb liner" does not accurately line up with the outter glove. When inserting your hand into the glove, you hve to hunt for the "innner" thumb. Once found, though, it will align with the outter thumb.


These gloves are beautifully constructed. Very thick to prevent drying out of the hands and long to avoid charcoal stains on sleaves. The velvety black leather with red trim make them an attractive addition to the hearth.

Long Fire Place Gloves

These gloves are wonderful. We have a wood stove and I was always burning my arms trying to get the wood in. Everyone should own a pair of these. Wish I had these years ago!

Great gloves

Great for placing logs in the fireplace. They are long enough to protect the lower arm too. Great item!

Long Hearth Gloves

These are wonderful in that they are so well insulated and of great quality with reinforced fingertips and the material is to heavy and it is wonderful not only in protecting your hands, but your arms as well.

Black Fireplace/Hearth Gloves

These are Very NiceKeep the Heat away and on me go past my elbows which keeps all the arm protected.

fireplace gloves

These look great but can't really rate them yet as they are a Christmas gift for my son.


These gloves are excellen!. Heavy duty enough to pick up a red hot firey log and jam it where you want it, or brush fallen coals up into a heap. My first pair of gloves and they're perfect!


I purchased these gloves for a christmas gift for my brother who has just acquired a wood furnace. At this time I can't say anything about the use of them, but I can say that the service and delivery was very good and the your internet site was very easy to use.


Outstanding gloves. Best I have owned. I'll buy another pair for sure.

black fireplace hearth gloves long

We just replaced our old Franklin with a top feeder woodburning stove. It's great, but I was concerned about potenital burns; therfore have been shopping around for gloves for protection. Looked at welder gloves but none offered the protection or flexability I was looking for. Searched the internet and found your company. The gloves are just what I was looking for. Fit my hands and even my husband's thick paws. They are GREAT!!!!!

fireplace gloves

VERY long (over the elbow) protective gloves. Heavy but can maneuver well enough in them to place or move logs, etc. without burning hands or arms. I recommend them highly.


These gloves were a gift for friend using gardening gloves to tend her woodstove. She LOVES having them now. The quality is great, and they work as promised.


They're great. Love them!

Fireplace Gloves

These gloves are wonderful. Very practical when you are using an outdoor fireplace. It burns hot and the gloves are handy to resituate logs and deal with the fire safely, especially on a windy day.

fireplace gloves

great gloves, I love them. I buy them about every two years.

Fireplace Gloves

They are great but to long. So I called and sent them back and the person on the phone immediately ordered the shorter gloves for me and they arrived in time to send to Canada. Wonderful customer service. Thank you.


My son took them & uses them for his professional smoker! Got a lot of use this HOLIDAY SEASON! He loves them!

great for fire-wrangling

These make it so much easier to deal with stray brands, but they are not just great for when the fire is burning -- they also make cleaning up without getting sooty hands much easier!

Black Fireplace Hearth Gloves - Long

These are by far the best gloves I have purchased. I especailly like the extra long sleeves. Great price, quality materials, and fast delivery.

Black Hearth Fireplace Gloves

These sturdy, well-made, and extra long gloves are ideal for use with a wood burning stove. Outstanding value for a must-have item!

long gloves

love them. well padded, comes up to my elbows. i can put wood in my stove with no fear of getting burned. i will buy another pair and recommend them to friends and family

Fire Place Gloves

These are incredible, no heat felt at all, also makee great gloves for BBQ. Outstanding item working around a fire of any kind--fireplace, reaching into an oven, or as I said the BBQ

Long Gloves

Love these gloves. They make it easy to grab another log and put it in the fireplace or to adjust a log that didn't get put in quite right. I have very small fingers, so the gloves are big on me, but they have been great.


These gloves were perfect for using to load my wood stove. Only problem is two dogs in the house ate holes in them, so now I have to buy new ones!!!! Other than that which isn't the companies fault they are great!!

Black Hearth Gloves

These gloves are an excellent product. Complete coverage of forearms is maintained in addition to our hands. We are using them daily, and they are holding up well.

Gloves are Great!

These mitts protect the hands and arms clear up to the elbow...perfect for cooking over a wood fire.

Fireplace gloves

I haven't had to use them yet because it is summertime, but they seem good and tough yet comfortable. Nice long arm cuffs. Big enough for my husband who has 3x hands.

Long Hearth Gloves

Excellent product, come up to my elbows; the shipping was fast; decent price. Recommended

fire place gloves

These are great for covering your forearms when reaching into the woodstove so as not to have the lid fall on you arm and severely burn.

Black Fireplace Hearth Gloves - Long

These are wonderful gloves! Very comfortable, and extremely fire-resistant.

Hearth Gloves

I absolutely love these gloves. They are soft and warm. Very protective of your arms. I would definetly recommed them to anyone with a fireplace.


These are the real deal. They are thick, tough, and really keep the heat out when you are working with the fire. They look cool too.

Hearth Gloves

Extra heavy duty gloves provide very good protection. If you HAVE to handle anything in the fireplace while it is blazing, these gloves are your pal.

Black Fireplace Hearth Gloves - Long

Good quality. We run a vacation rental and wanted to make sure our guests didn't burn their hands. We were very relieved that these gloves provide excellent protection. We bought a pair for our own hearth too and they're good quality - and I think they're quite nice to look at too. I'm assuming a rating of 5 is highest quality; Woodland doesnt' say on their "review a product" page whether the top of the scale is 1 or 5.

gloves have very little insulation and my hands would get hot moving logs, so I am using my old ones

I love these gloves. They are long enough to keep me from burning myself. They do not let any heat in whatsoever. Great product!!

Fireplace gloves

These fireplace gloves are excellent! You can place your hands very close to the fire to move items around such as other pieces of firewood or fire starters. They are also excellent for outdoor grilling and around the campfire.

Long Fireplace gloves and wood bag

The long fireplace gloves are the best I've ever had and have had a number of pairs. The are long enough so that I don't burn my arms any more. The wood bag is a great size, but it is too floopy.

Fireproof Gloves

First off I would like to say the quality of these gloves are great! The best gloves I've seen around. The price was really great also. They are nice and long and plenty heavy to protect your hands and your lower arms. Thanks Woodland for carrying these wonderful gloves!



Just what I needed

Love our hearth gloves. With the glove on I can not only protect my hand and arm from the heat of the stove, but also not get soot on my sleeve. And my daughter thinks they are magical since she can pick up embers with them without an issue. At first I thought I only needed one glove for my right hand, but then realized by husband is left handed so the other glove gets just as much use. Couldn't live without them!


Didn't know how useful these would be when I purchased them for my husband. He uses them often.


I am happy with the gloves, they offer good protection for the hands and arms.


I am happy with the gloves, they offer good protection for the hands and arms.

Protects all around

When we bought these we had no idea of what we were doing as this is our first stove. Here is what they do. They protect my and my wife's hands and forearms expertly. They allow us to place our hands into a 500+ degree stove without hesitation. They look like they will last a long time. For twenty-something dollars, they are with every penny.

Hearth Gloves

Men's and Women's both purchased. We loved the first pair so much we bought another. Top quality, great fit in both models. Very fair pricing. Winner.

Extra Long Gloves

Great gloves for loading the woodstove. No more scars on our arms! Good craftsmanship and extremely good value.

Great Gloves wish they were made in usa


The quality is very good. My problem came when putting them on. They are too small. My wife can use them, however, I am not able to.

LOVE them

These gloves are amazing, I just may order another pair for this winter :). DJ


Was very surprise at how nice they were on the outside, so far have not used them, but sure I will. Very nice item. Will buy again only smaller size.

Ultimate Protection

We have a wood stove in our home where we use these gloves. They provide the ultimate protection against burns to the hand and lower arms. I didn't rate them a perfect 5 only due to the fact the finger portions are a bit stiff which makes it a little tougher to wrap around and grip a piece of wood. Love the fact they are black and do not show ash marks cause they are gonna get real dirty!


I have not tried to pick up a burning piece of wood or anything hot yet. The gloves fit well. The other pair of gloves I had lasted about twenty years although not from this source. I have more feel with these gloves than the one they replaced.

not what ordered

I ordered black gloves and these had red in them. I would have never ordered if the description had said it had red strip in them.

firep;ace gloves

I've been wanting a pair of these for a while, just never got around to it. glad I did. nice gloves, give good protection. just what I needed.

Great Product

This is my second pair of Gloves like the long very good against heat in fireplace.

Submitted: 12/14/2021