Fireplace Grate Blowers

If you are not sure what fireplace grate blowers are or do, or even why might need one, then you've come to the right place. Designed to make your fireplace a more efficient source of heat energy, fireplace grate blowers (also known as a fireplace grate heater or fireplace blower) come in a variety of sizes that fit in your fireplace to heat your air much the same way an air conditioner works to cool the air in your home.

How Fireplace Grate Heaters & Fireplace Grate Blowers Work

Cozy Fireplace Grate Blowers

Fireplace grate blowers use an air intake device that can rest on the fireplace hearth or right behind your fireplace glass doors. This intake device on fireplace grate blowers pulls in cooler air from the room and passes it through tubes or chambers that are being directly heated by the fire. This heated air is then blown back out into the room where the fireplace is located. Without a fireplace grate heater or fireplace blower, you could be losing 90% (or more) of your fire's heat right up the chimney.

Please note that both our large and small Fireplace Heater System are not compatible with fireplace glass doors. However, all of our other fireplace grate blowers, such as our popular Fireplace Grate Blowers & More from

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