Fireplace Heater for Masonry Fireplace - 5 Tubes w/Blower

Item # 1360037

3.65 out of 5 Customer Rating (40) Reviews
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Fireplace Heater for Masonry Fireplace - 5 Tubes w/Blower

Item # 1360037

3.65 out of 5 Customer Rating (40) Reviews

One of the latest and best innovations for your home, the popular Fireplace Heater for Masonry Fireplace - 5 Tubes w/Blower, was developed to dramatically increase convection heat coming from your fireplace. The unique design heats the air within the...

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Product Details

One of the latest and best innovations for your home, the popular Fireplace Heater for Masonry Fireplace - 5 Tubes w/Blower, was developed to dramatically increase convection heat coming from your fireplace. The unique design heats the air within the exchanger tubes to over 500° F. Stay a step ahead of high energy costs and keep your family warm by adding this fireplace heater to your home.


  • Designed to increase heat coming from your fireplace
  • Drives down your energy costs
  • Prevents smoke from entering your house

The Fireplace Heater for Masonry Fireplace - 5 Tubes w/Blower will enhance the convection process by drawing in cold air from your room into the steel tubes where it is heated and blown out. The heavy duty steel tubes serve as your fireplace grate; you simply build your fire directly on the steel tubes. Additionally, this heater is an enclosed system, so there is no need to worry about smoke from the fire being blown into your home. The blower connects directly to the heaters grate for easy positioning.

Please keep in mind that individual results will vary. Not refundable once used.


  • Designed to increase heat coming from your fireplace
  • Drives down your energy costs
  • Prevents smoke from entering your house

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  • Type: Fireplace Heater
  • Material: Steel
  • Overall Length: 17 3/8"
  • Overall Width: 18 1/8"
  • Overall Depth: 17 3/8"
  • Overall Height: 20"
  • CFM: 30/50
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Watts: 70 Watts
  • Amp Rating: 0.5A
  • Item Weight: 70 lbs.
  • Appliance Fuel Type: Wood

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NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
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Product Reviews

It Works

I purchase the unit and blower unit with some concerns as to how well it would really work. It arrived in few weeks after placing order well packaged and for the most part was easy to set up and install, about 30-45 minutes for you need to seal the tubes. Although getting the tubes to line up with the blower unit took some fiddling around with.The first night I used the unit I had the heat on and did notice that the room was warm and comfortable. The next night when it went down into the 30’s I decided to keep the heat off to see how much warmth the unit was really providing. Well all I can say is I was pleasantly surprised at how warm the room was and even the rest of the house. It was not only the fact that it kept the room warm but it was a comfortable soft soothing heat. I really noticed the job it was doing when the fire died out and the house became very cold. The unit will take some time to heat up an area but it defiantly does the job as advertised. I definitely recommend this product.

A good choice

I have found the unit to be everything I had hoped it to be. My room is warmer with about 1/3 less firewood. The blower is very quiet, even at the higher speed. I have electric heat and I am fully expecting this unit to cut my power costs.

5 tube fireplace blower

We appreciated the prompt delivery of our blower system along with the video instructions sent to me by email. I feel there is a way to improve the design of your product to help with the fit of different type of firplaces.The flexible hose that attaches to the end of the unit has a tendancy to kink and tear due to the tight fit. If the inlet attachment was shorter on the end where the hose attaches to, then there would be more room for positioning the blower away from the fireplace. The inlet for the hose could also have been placed in the front vs. the side to help with a better fit. The blower moter has 2 speeds of slow and slower. I feel that the power from the blower motor should be increased to propel more air-flow throughout the room where our fireplace is located. Our room is 12' X 24' and only half the room is heated after several hours of burning at high speed.We do love our fireplace blower but, I may have to take it to my garage for redesign.I also have to order a new hose, which should be longer due to our fireplace doors that the current hose has to go over and around for a proper placement of the motor.

Fireplace blower

Our fireplace blower arrived in good time, but it was shipped by UPS and poorly packaged. There were only two strips of clear tape holding the flaps of the cardboard box closed and the grate itself was loose inside. Our local UPS center has employees who poke holes in interesting sounding boxes and this one was no exception. The grate was damaged - two of the restrictor plates had fallen off the outlet pipes and one of these had fallen out of one of the holes made by UPS. The other was too damaged to reinstall. One of the pipes in the grate was bent and had to be straightened with a steel bar. The same pipe had a self tapping screw holding the top plate in place and it was screwed in at an angle at the factory. We bought this grate to use with a 30 inch Rasmussen gas log set and after researching the dimensions, bought the gas log set before the blower grate arrived. The two units matched perfectly, thanks to our pair of firedogs supporting the ends of the concrete logs, but it was a costly way to buy. We now have a surplus Rasmussen grate. The final result is pleasing and reasonably effective, but we find that the blower is noisy for its low power level (especially at the high speed setting) and the silicone sealant is useless and unnecessary at less than two ounces per square inch of pressure. An open flame held next to the joints of our (carefully fitted) blower pipe and manifold does not waver from any leaking air. I found that more hot air and more total heat could be moved out of the fireplace by removing the three center restrictor plates, so I didn't need to replace the damaged and missing ones. Removing the restrictor plates also has the side benefit of improving the appearance of the fireplace, making the presence of a blower system less obvious.Recommendations: Improve packaging; Use FedEx (not UPS); skip the silicone sealant and the restrictor plates; use a larger, more effective and quieter blower and drop the price. $579 is too much for this ensemble. I would only recommend this to a friend with the above caveats. We are pleased with the final result, but for a similar retail price the Rasmussen gas log set obviosly cost far more to make. At least the Woodland Direct grate is made of good material, but it is not welded up quite squarely. In our case, the slightly cock eyed pipe assembly enabled the manifold to be positioned at a slight angle which is why it sealed so well. I only hope that the flimsy looking blower motor lasts for a few years.

Review of Fireplace Heater

If 5 is the best it's a 5. We are happy with the heater, excellent technical advice (advisor did not try and oversell us but recommended the basic unit that would suit our needs), fast delivery and processing (even with regular shipping) and it's an efficient unit.


Design items to be improved: Make the top tubes longer to force heat further into room. Supplied fan is worthless. Furnish a fan with a much higher volume, like triple.

fireplace insert

it's just ok. i think the design could be a little better, say, put the fan on top and blow out the bottom and have the exhaust tubes further out. much of the hot air goes up the chimney and the lower area in front of the fireplace has a marked temperature gradient. i'm thinking of modifying the thing with some auto exhaust extensions to get the air further into the room.


Heat output is marginally different than using the fireplace alone. It doesn't heat the whole room, and I have a small home. I wish I used the money for an efficient woodstove insert instead.

Fireplace Heater for Masonary Fireplace

I purchased the 5 Tubes w/Blower. Unfortunately the system did not work as well as advertised. The 5 Tube system was advertised as a 70 lbs system. It is actually a 30 lbs system. The electric blower stopped function after the first month. The system does not increase effeciency by 500% as advertised. On balance I would have to say the system is somewhat overstated, overrated and over priced.

fireplace heater

we just love our fireplace works great and really heats up the room! We are so glad that we bougjht it!! thanks

5 Tube fireplace heater

This was a great idea that didn't work out as well as I thought it would. It does work after a fashion, but there isn't enough airflow throught the tubes to make it worth what it cost, and I would never have bought it if I had known. I don't recommend it.


Does not heat room


Does not heat room

Five tube fireplace heater

Everyone at Woodland direct was extremely helpful and knowledgable. If I ever need anything else I would not hesitate to buy from them.

Fireplace Heater for Masonry Fireplace - 5 Tubes w/Blower

Honestly didn't know what to expect. This is our first experience with something like this, and we are thrilled. Have been able to heat our 600 sq foot first floor area with this heater. Initially there was a alot of smoke with its use, which we never had before, but after about two weeks of use, the smoke stopped. Never to reappear. The wood burns more efficiently, hence longer and the room receives a nice heat that is not overrwhelming. We leave the temp at 60 degrees. and the room stays at 65-68 degrees. One trick I found is that if it is particularly cold, I push the that up intitially to 65,get the good fire going and then lower it back to 60...the room never loses the heat after that. Defintiely worth the money.


This insert works great!! It actually makes your fireplace more then something cool to look at! When we started using this product my heating bill was cut way down Great product

Fireplace heater w/blower

The heater works well. Unfortunately, the flexible tube included is very fragile. It has lasted less than 2 months. I am currently trying to find a replacement at a small cost.

Fire place heater 5 tubes with blower

We are very happy with our heater. It keeps our family room nice and toasty. There used to be a draft from the flue that chilled the room so we were only getting ambiance, now it stays warm also. It was very easy to install. My husband does wish it had a bigger blower motor on it. He wanted to heat more of the house with it.

Review of fireplace blower

This unit is not compatagle with a large fireplace inside of our 90 year old home. I and my son had to modify it several ways to get it to work. First problem was that it blew smoke into the house, second the blower was not big enough. By purchasing a new bigger blower that puts out more CFM's and extending the top baffles 8 1/2 inches we where able to eliminate the problems. The costs where approx. $100 for the modification. I would also recommend that this unit be redesigned with curved lower side discharge baffles to push air around the room on the floor also. At this point I have not seen the savings in my heating bills by using this unit burning more wood and less oil as was stated.

Five Tube Blower

There are two problems with your product. First, the legs are "FAR" to short - it is impossible to clean under it. I needed to set it on bricks that allow for another 3-4 inches so that I could work under it. Also, it needs a "Grate" under the tubes to keep the hot coals closer to the fire. To solve this problem I was able to remove and use the grate from my old "Cardinal" tube blower. I would welcome any thoughts/solutions you can offer. The blower and construction are fine but I would caution anyone considering this product about the "Short Legs" and lack of grate. If Cardinal was still in business I would have bought another from them.


Arrived with center cap at exhaust missing. Doesn't produce as much heat exchange as expected. The tubing from fan to tubes is very delicate. Ripped while installing and had to be taped up .

Fireplace heater

Ordering the unit was easy and it arrived undamaged. I called customer support and they answered my question and we're very helpful. My only complaint is that the blower fan should be more powerful. It's quiet on low and fast but I would settle for a little more noise if it pushed out more hot air.

Five Tube Fireplace Heater w/blower

Well-built and exceeds our expectations for heating a very large Great Room with 18' ceiling. The blower motor is almost silent on low speed, and higher speed is still very quiet and becomes a low volume white-noise. The combination of the heater and a ceiling fan running in reverse works really well to heat the room.

Five Tube Insert with Blower

The unit was easily assembled and installed. The flexible tubing could be longer (perhaps another foot) since I had to add to it. I also discovered by accident that the unit actually throws more heat if you remove the five restrictor caps at the end of each tube. Overall, I'm pleased with the product.

Fireplace Heater for Masonry Fireplace - 5 Tubes w/Blower

I'm sure it helps, but not nearly as much as I thought from the description. It was a tight fit for the fireplace. I will probably remove it for the summer. It seems to reduce the radiant heat that you can feel in front of the fire place.

Fireplace Heat Blower

This product really works well. Very nice design and construction. My only suggestion for improvement would be to reduce the noise of the blower fan. I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product!

Tubes need to be thicker on bottom of unit

We purchased this product 2 years ago and use it mainly on weekends in our kitchen fireplace. The unit works great - unfortunately after 2 years of use the bottom tubes had holes develop in them due to the heat from the ash. When producing this product the tubes on the bottom near the ash need to be of a thicker metal. The good news is that I called Woodland Direct and they were great about replacing the tubes under their 3 year warranty. I only had to take some photos and send them in and I had my replacement unit in less than 2 weeks. Hopefully these tubes will wear better and I can't say how great Woodland Direct was to deal with and that overall we really like this product.

Fireplace heater

The fireplace heater does get the room nice and warm, but it does not hold very much wood so you have to keep reloading wood at least every 30 minutes to keep it going! Other than that it is OK!

review on grate

I assembled the grate very easily and have used it only three times and it is great. It has increased the output of heat tremendously. I would like to see the legs be longer so you could get under the grate for starting and cleaning.

fire place blower

I wish the grade for wood would be larger. I does not hold very much wood other than that I is O.K

5 tube heater with blower

Love the heater, not happy about the blower tube very cheap broke it the first time I used it had a metal tube bent for it. Overall it was a great investment.

Love this thing

It works so well I have been using it in place of my heating system. On a 30 Degree winter day in PA it keeps the thermostat at 67 degrees inside my home. I went from paying $400 a month for heat in the winter months to $150 a month. I love it.


It really works great, love it.

Fireplace Heater

Great product, exactly what I expected.

Fireplace Heater 5 Tubes

Unquestionably one of the best purchases of a "gadget" to make life better. It took nothing to install; anybody could do it. Works extraordinarily well. Warms/heats the great room of our home with the more moist heat generated from wood rather than dry furnace air. Don't need the furnace anymore at the living end of our home. Burn less wood, no more heat up the flue but into the room. Worth the cost. Very well constructed. 5 star purchase. Joel Burnstine 949.646.0814. I am a real customer and I did make the purchase.

Heater with tubes

The item is okay although I feel I have to keep it on high and not low at all times. The amount of heat that is pushed out through the tube is insufficient to warm up two rooms. I had it on for about an hour and a half to two hours and the living room where the fireplace is was kept cozy however the dining room which is adjacent to the living room saw no change or increase in temperature which is where the thermostat is. I think the design could be improved by having the holes in the output be somewhat larger by at least 50% of current size

Loved it!

Wow! I live in a mountain community and our winters get quite cold. This will heat up the room from my fireplace in a matter of minutes! Easy to assemble, did it myself! Great product!

Works well. It brought the temperature in our 650 sq/ft great room to over 70 degrees on at 30 degree day. Could be taller so I could put bigger logs in it. As it is, I have to split wood a bit smaller than I like. All and all we're happy with it.


what a great addition to the fireplace, makes the room so much warmer.

Disappointed with fireplace heater! does not heat as well as i though it would!!!