Gelco Stainless Steel 5/8" Mesh Chimney Cap

by Gelco

Item # M13500006

4.902 out of 5 Customer Rating (51) Reviews FAQs

Gelco Stainless Steel 5/8" Mesh Chimney Cap

by Gelco

Item # M13500006

4.902 out of 5 Customer Rating (51) Reviews FAQs

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Ships Within 2 to 3 Business Days | Free Ground Shipping!
Made in USA
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Product Details

This cap offers both 5/8 inch California style mesh and the ability to fit square, round, rectangular, or oval flue tiles. The 18-ga. Screen is 8 inch high. The base is 18-ga. and the lid is 24-ga. It is made of 100% 304 -alloy stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Bolt on outside mounting

Eligible for a Product Warranty
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  • Type: Single Flue
  • Installation: Bolt On
  • Mounting Type: Outside
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Color Family: Silver
  • Mesh Size: 5/8"
  • Color: Silver
  • Screen Height: 8"

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NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Free Ground Shipping on this product HOW SHIPPING WORKS


Q: My flue is actually 7 5/8" by 11 1/2". Will your 8" x 13" adjust? A: The 8” side on this will work with dimensions between 6” and 8 ½”. Your 7 5/8” dimension falls right in the middle of this range. The 13” side works with dimensions between 11 ½” and 14”. If your dimension is any amount short of 11 ½” it may not work. We do offer a 30 return policy and you’ll easily be able to “dry fit” this to see if it works. If not, call our customer service team and we’ll take it back.
Q: How far does the overhang of the top project beyond the base? A: The size of the overhang varies depending on the size of the cap. The overhang could be between 1" to 2-1/2", approximately.
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13"x13" Stainless Steel Chimney Cap - 5/8"Mesh

Package came on time. Item was in perfect shape. Item installed easily, and works well.


A perfect fit. Loved the quality of the product.

Gelco Chimney Cap Review

Very well made, great workmanship ! Very good base design, the six anchor screws made for a firm fit, even with flue tile opening being 12" X 16". Localvendors here are charging from $104-$160 for caps not as well made. Your web site is really what sold me on this product, I could tell right away from the picture that this cap had the best design features. The overall site layout is very well done (ie the size chart). It's great to see a US manufacturing firm do so well. Please pass on my thanks to Engineering,Fab,Q.C., & Web design

SS Flue Covers

Nice product. Great service. Fast processing. I'll be back. Thank you.

Stainless Flue Cover

First class product & service. I'll be back for sure.

Chimney Cap

The chimney cover I bought from Woodland Direct is very nice. It's 100% Stainless Steel, it's very sturdy and nicely done. We looked for covers locally and they were floimsy and cheap metal and no one had the specil size we needed and they cost more!!!

Chimney Cap

The chimney caps are first rate and the expeditious handling of myorder was greatly appreciated. They arrived on time and have beeninstalled......Thank you for your great service!

Chimney Cap

Great product. Easily installed. Appears to be very durable. Very quick shipping.Fair price.

product review

high quality SS Chimney cap....easy installation.....prompt shipping.needed 2 so I got free shipping....thanks again

Well Built Topper

The Gelco chimney cap is a solid product, exceeding the quality of the items found in the big box stores. My cap was 8 x 8 and had just 1 fastening screw per side unlike the picture.

Gelco SS 5/8" mesh chimney caps

This product is outstanding. I see no comparison to this cap by any offering in either the local big box stores or the local hardware stores. Well designed and manufactured; excellent finishing; stout hardware. Only issue I dealt with was lack of install directions (although this doesn't require a rocket scientist!) I created a tightening sequence similar to torquing a series of bolts on a manifold and kept track of turns of the ratchet. Concern was in ensuring the cap was tight enough to prevent it from being blown off, yet not deflecting the material, nor stressing the terracotta flue. Transaction and shipping from Woodland was equally uneventful and quick. 5 Stars!!!

gelco ss chimney cap

Received the Gelco chimney cap in the mail. It was constructed a lot better than the last one (Lowes special). Very easy to install. Perfect fit on my flue. Took less than 5 minutes to attach with all the screws that hold it in place. This should be the last cap that I ever have to buy. Thanks.

Gelco Chimney Cap

I purchased 8 of these caps from Woodland Direct. They were very well built and easy to install. The Woodland representatives were very helpful and responsive to my requests. The shipments were received promptly.

Real good chim cap. for money, I am please with it

Chimney Cap

Excellent on all counts; service, price, quality, appearance.

Previous Letter

I was so pleased with my experience with Woodland Direct I went out of my way to find out how to compliment your store your service and your agent I wrote/sent you a glowing review about a month ago, did you not receive it?

Gelco SS 5/8" Mesh Chimney Cap

Delivery was fast! The Chimney Cap has nice appearance and appears to be constructed of high quality material. Was very easy to install . I highly recommend WOODLANDDIRECT.

This cap is made of very sturdy materials, more so than I anticipated. It attached to the chimney so securely I didn't need the optional brackets.

Chinmey cap

I am pleased with the purchase from your company. The chimney cap was well displayed on your website and correctly described as being compliant with buildiing codes in my state. The cap was extremely easy to install with the set screws already in place and the fit perfect to the diminsions required. The item arrived in a timely manner and was in excellent condition. Thank you for your excellent service.



ss flue cap

well constucted with a great look.Fastening screws at all sides made mounting easy.

Gelco SS 5/8" Mesh Chimney Cap

This chimney cap is exceptionally well-made, and very easy to install. The 5/8" mesh will arrest sparks better than 3/4" mesh, the cap is tall for perfect airflow, it has a large roof surface area to prevent any rain into the flu, and the cap is entirely stainless steel, which will last for decades.This type of cap should be installed in any house near trees and understory that could be ignited by a spark.



Stainless Steel Chimney Cap/Spark Arrester

The Woodland Direct Customer assistant helped me order the exact item I needed - which fit perfectly and installed without complications!

spark arrester

Great product customer was very pleased with it thanks. Russo Company Masonry

Chimney Cap

The service, price, quality & fast delivery was great. The customer service rep was very helpful. I will refer you. Thanks again.

Chimney Cap

Looks great!

Gelco SS Chimney Cap

Fit is good...good value.... looks to be a winner!

chimney caqp

I would like to have the sizes that a cap fits rather than just one size.. The service was excellent


Fast delivery, perfect fit right out of the box, quality product.

Flue Caps

I received my Gelco Flue Caps on time and in good condition. The material and build quality is excellent!! I would highly recommend this product!

Chimney cap

The 800 help line was great. They helped with size and style. It arrived on time and fit perfect. Could.t be happier.


Fit perfectly and easy to install. Expecting it to keep the water from running down the chimney and into my fireplace when it rains!

Great Product!!

I am very impressed with this Chimney Cap. It is well made and just what I expected. It was also easy to install. Thanks!

S.S. Chimney Cap

Great quality, easy to install, fast shipping.

Great product and fast delivery!

Customer Service

The biggest thing that stands out is the superb knowledge and professionalism I experienced with Mr. Chris Dybowski thru the online chat and over the phone. He explained the proper way to measure my chimney, found the cap that works and fits within my budget. There was no pressure to buy an unneccesary or expensive cap. The cap showed up at the doorstep in mint condition, and was installed by myself in less than 5 minutes and works great. I will definitely be using this company for my further fire place needs.

Fantastic Fit-n-Finish

Before ordering this chimney cap, I had ordered one from the big orange store. Despite the specifications on the website, the cap did not fit. The Gelco I got from WoodlandDirect fit as promised, but it was also sturdier (not flimsy), the attachment screws were made for their function (nicely machined, with pointed ends), and the screw holes were reinforced by threaded tabs in the interior of the cap. Very nice! The cap is smartly designed, more solid than most chimney caps, looks fantastic, and the bespoke mounting screws made installation much easier. Strongly recommended.

Chimney Cap

Overall, dealing with Woodland was a satisfying experience. The advice they offered saved me from making a mistake with local codes, the shipping cost was well below what I could have arranged, and the product appears to be of excellent quality. It installed easily and looks as if it will last indefinitely.

Mesh Chimney Cap

I received just what I wanted. Online display was clear. Delivery was punctual.


I'm very satisfied with this product and pleased that it was shipped promptly

Chimney Cap

Very fast delivery. Cap is well made and fit perfect.

Chimney Caps

Nice product I will purchase again when needed. Thanks

Spark Arrestor/Flue Cap

This item met the somewhat hard to find California specifications for 5/8 inch screen where it is 3/4 inch in the rest of the civilized world. The product is well made and came with all required screws. It was delivered on time and, importantly, it fit perfectly.

chimney cap/spark arrestor

Nice, heavy duty stainless steel cap with spark arrestor arrived in good shape within a week with all the parts. Looks great on my chimney!

Gelco Sperk Arrester Cap

very good customer service by phone, email and digital pictures to help us get exactly what we needed and avoid us not getting unnecessary materials.

Chimney Cap

The cap fit fine except the welded nuts that the screws go through came off.

SS chimney cap

Arrived as described, good quality product


Appears to be a fine product . Ask me in five years. Great service !

Chimney Cap

Well made, easy to install. Was as expected after reading about the product.

Chimney Cap Success

I retired recently and have been working on those long overdue projects. Found this chimney cap and it had all the features I was looking for stainless being at the top of the list. The installation was pretty much painless as I had hoped. Took about an hour to install with no major issues. Highly recommend the cap and Woodland direct. Called for some installation advice and was guided the perfect direction.