Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum

Item # 2640001

3.774 out of 5 Customer Rating (115) Reviews

Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum

Item # 2640001

3.774 out of 5 Customer Rating (115) Reviews

The Hearth Country Ash-Vac is brought to you from the same manufacturer that makes the industry leading tri-motor professional chimney sweep vacuum. The Hearth Country Ash-Vac is made with the quality, detail and features you expect from a leading ma...

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Product Details

The Hearth Country Ash-Vac is brought to you from the same manufacturer that makes the industry leading tri-motor professional chimney sweep vacuum. The Hearth Country Ash-Vac is made with the quality, detail and features you expect from a leading manufacturer.

The Hearth Country Ash Vacuum is a Last Stage cleaner. It should be used to remove the ash dust left over after the fireplace has been cleared with a shovel.

The built- in, shake off filter clears any ash build up without removing the lid. To operate the filter: turn off the vacuum; shake the agitator tube to release the build-up and then turn the vacuum back on to continue cleaning.

Home based ash-vacs should not be used to pick up hot/warm embers. Even though the Hearth Country Ash-Vac does have multiple design features to minimize embers from damaging the unit, use the Hearth Country Ash-Vac to pick up cold ash only. The hose is made of a light-weight metal alloy. A brush and angled nozzle make vacuuming easy in any fireplace or stove. The Soot Stop pre-filter is a removable fine mesh sleeve that protects the inner HEPA filter. It can be simply shaken out, or washed with water. This is particularly useful in pellet stove applications. The bottom of the canister has a dual-wall sub floor keeping the outer canister cool. Ash enters the vacuum through the top of the unit minimizing the effect previously removed ash has on the suction power of the unit.

Also, unique to the Hearth Country Ash-Vac is a center weighted comfortable hand grip and specially insulated 80db quiet motor.

Don't damage your shop-vac or home vacuum when attempting to clean out your fireplace or pellet stove. Get the easy, quiet, ergonomically comfortable Hearth Country Ash-Vac.

The Hearth Country Ash Vac now comes with a Pellet Stove Attachment Kit, normally sold separately!

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  • Type: Ash Vacuum
  • Capacity: 4 Gallons
  • Material: Aluminum | Steel
  • Height: 14"
  • Color: Black
  • Hose Diameter: 1 1/2"
  • Power: 120 Volts
  • Noise Level: 80 dB
  • Item Weight: 8 lbs.
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
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Product Reviews

Pellet Stove Vacuum

This vacuum serves its purpose very well. It is less expensive than other makers of the same product but as far as I am concerned is very much the same. The first vacuum they sent was damaged from shipping but I received a replacment right away with no questions asked. I am very satisfied.



Hearth Country Ash Vac

very happy with this purchase...vacuum is relatively quiet and quite efficient...also easy to use as well as easy to clean...recommend this product 100%...pricing is much better than competitors for the exact same item...

Hearth Country Ash Vacuum

Works much better than my Sears Shop Vac for cleaning my pellet stove. No dust cloud, very quiet, decent suction. It was the lowest price I found for an ash vac so I was prepared to be dissappointed. Not so! I recommend it.

Hearth County Ash Vac #400

Quiet, lightweight, great suction, effective, efficient... and on and on. Great machine and as seniors we appreciate how light and mobile it is. One of our best purchases.With 5 being the highest, we'd give it a 10 if we could, but since we can't we score it a 5.

Hearth Land Vac

Great tool, I wish I would have gotten this years ago. Saves time and dirt!

Heath Country Premium Ash Vacuum

This is an excellent product. My only complaint is I ordered the accessoriy kit with the small nozzles etc from Perkins Stove, but can't get it so it works properly as the little holes around the side of the adapter means there is no suction.

Ash Vacuum

Have not used as yet, but for our situation and with the wood fireplace heater installed this will make clean up a dream.


HI! It's a little early to evaluate our vacuum because we haven't started using our woodstove yet, however, we did try it out. It's a perfect size and we think it will work out great. We were very happy with the whole ordering/receiving process. Thanks Happy holidays

Fast shipment, great for pellet stoves.

Ash Vacuum

I have used the vacuum to clean my pellet stove, It does a great job, couldn't ask for a better product.

Love it

I am really happy with this vac. have had no problems whatso ever with it Great purchase

Hearth Country model 400 ask vac

I have been very pleased with this ash vacuum. It is much less expensive that some of the others but does an excellent job. I use it to clean my pellet insert each night. I get no cloud of ashes in the air as I did with my shop vac. I clean it about once a week. I use my air compressor to blow off the hepa filter and it looks almost new. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Vacuum for Pellet stove

I am very happy with the vacuum, and the Pellet stove attachments make it very easy to clean the Stove. I recommended it to anyone looking for a vacuum at half the cost of the compettion. A+ in my book

After stupidly trying to clean our new pellet stove with a conventional shop vac I researched on line and found this product. It works a s promised and is the perfect size for working in the house. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a vac to clean their pellet or wood stove. It was worth every penny I paid, which was not much.

ash vac

Love the vac, I did want to purchase a couple spare sacs that go over the Hepa filter and haven't heard anything yet.

Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum

I have had the vacuum for about four months and use it daily and it works great. Just wished it had a little more flex at the very end of the tool pick-up. The metal pipe section between the pick-up tool and the hose make it difficult to get into some areas. Youn can't put the pick-up tool on the end of the hose. Other than that it is a very good product and it works great so far.Time will tell. G.Willey Cambridge, VT.

Lowest 0

Hearth country premium ash vacum,Very dissatisfied with the item.Doesn't pick up dust effectvely gets clogged up in hose, have to let it cool off before done using it. Wish I had never bought it. Not a Good product. Thomas Goss

So good so far!

Guess what...this vacuum is awesome. I was worried that it wouldn't work for my wood pellet stove because it said that it is not designed for vacuuming up the largest amounts of ash. Well...the helpful customer service at Woodland Direct informed me that the warning on this vacuum means that it is not designed to vacuum up chunks of unburned wood and charcoal. I was told that this would work perfectly for my pellet stove. That was absolutely right. I was amazed how well, how fast and how efficient this vacuum is. And best of all, it is like, way cheaper than the other more expensive vacuums. For a wood pellet stove this is the absolute deal. It even has accessories to go with the unit. I have used it a couple times, this is real quality. So good so far!

pellet stove vacuum

The vacuum I purchased was for my youngest daughter and she loves it. She never used one before because she never had a pellet stove before. She had no problems using it and the price was right in my book..I have one that you have to hook another vacuum hose to, and this one is so much easier, and the suction and the tools are great. Will have to get another one for myself in the near future, because this one is so much better. Service was great also..was delivered in no time at all..less than a week from my online order..

Hearth Country Premium Ash Vac

We purchased this vacuum for use on our pellet stove. It was late in the season so we have only used it once, but it worked very well and it was reasonably priced. we are very happy with the purchase.

Ash vac

I am very happy, and satisfied with this item. It works fantasticly and does exsactly what I wanted it to do. Quickly, effectively, messlessly, quietly and it looks good. I like that! i'm in a lot of high end homes looks matter! Very cool thank you!!!

Ashland Vac

We love this pellet stove vacuum. It works better than the small portable vac we were using. We have not replaced the filter yet, so I cannot review that product.

Positive Comment

My husband and I were told to buy a shop vac to care for our pellet stove. I am so glad that we spent the extra money and purchased this ash vacuum. It is small, lightweight and quiet. It arrived quickly and worked well right out the box. What took an hour and three of us to do is now down to one person and 30 min to clean the stove. We love it and highly recommend it to anyone looking to save time and your back. Terrific product.

product rating

I love my little ash vac. It so much lighter and less cumbersome than a regular vacuum..not to mention safer to use. There is no dust that escapes while you use it and the attachments make it so much easier to clean every part of my pellet fireplace. Especially, where the ignitor is and the front window. Using the shaped brush attachement for the window makes is so easy to just wipe clean and not go through several paper towels; the pellet angled attachments make it easier to get all the ash out of the compartment. I love the purchase. Its compact, its easy to put to gether and use and its worth the money.

Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum

Love it, love it, love it! What was once a 20-minute job is now less than a 5-minute job! I have a pellet stove, and asthma; and manually cleaning the fly ash out of my new pellet stove was a dirty, unpleasant job that also irritated my airways. I really am delighted with the ash vacuum. As an aside, I have found no need for the optional pellet stove accessory kit. The standard tools that came with the vacuum work just fine.

Ash Vacuum

I purchased a Heath Country Premium Ash Vacuum for my son for Christmas. He and his wife seem quite pleased with it. I have not seen it but they relayed that it is working out good for them. I was very pleased with the fast service, shipping and delivery to his house in rural Vermont during the Christmas rush. Good price as included attachments.

Vacuum Cleaner

I am very pleased with the vacuum. I don't get dirty when I clean my pellet stove anymore. Thanks a lot!

pellet stove vac hearth country model 400

great vac takes care of stove,and plastered a room after sanding this was the only vac that cleaned all of the dust,i would get another one,but this is built to last


Works beautifully. No more messes and no worries about possiblity of hot embers. Great Product!

Pellet vacuum

Ordered this for my son who has a pellet stove. He was pleased with the performance of the vacuum and found it to do the job.

Ash Vac

This vac is much easier to use than my previous one, wish I had it long before now. Easy clean up, no mistaken soot escapes and fast. Highly recommended as money well spent for this job.


My husband loves the new vacuum it is great for our pellet stove.

Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum

The unit was delivered in great condition....and it does what was advertised I am satisfied with it.....Thumbs up.....I would recommend


Love the vacuum! I was a little nervous ordering with some saying it was very loud but, I find it no louder than a regular vacuum cleaner. Works very well. Read the manual and you should have no problems.

Pellet Stove Vac

Wonderful to have a vac that handles the fine ash from the Pellet Stove.


I am so pleased with the fireplace vac. I am retired so cleaning a wood burning stove didn't sound like something I could handle. I put in a pellet stove and was totally thrilled to see all of the tiny attachments that came with the vac just for a pellet stove. It is easy to clean and lightweight. I would encourage everyone to purchase this product.

Ash Vacuum Mod #400

This is the best vac I ever had.

Pellet stove ash vacumn

I have used the vacumn 5 times. Does a great job. The small mini attachments do not have enough power do to the air/vacumn control.


The shipping was very fast. The vacuum works great with all the ash in our pellet stove. It does not suck unburned pellets well but that's not it's purpose. Would recommend and buy again for sure.


all that it is suppose to be, simple to use, works great for fireplace and our pellet stove, although it is a little difficult to clean the filter, Do it outside, it is a must, overall very happy with purchase

pellet stove shop vac

works great enough said

Hearth Country Ash Vacuum

Works well, I like all the attachment, Very easy to clean my Pellet Stove.

Vaccum ash and warm coles

The vaccume is doing a good job. My only complain is that it is a litte on sucking power. Very good, nice machine

Hearth Country Ash Vac

I work an ash vac! I burn pellets for heat in the winter (much less expensive than running an electric heat pump and I'm all electric here) and from the first nip to the last cool day of spring, the fire is going. I use good pellets, but there is still a LOT of ash, and the design of my heating stove makes a vac imperative to use. This vac does great. It is the second hearth country vac I've had - the warranty is only a year, but under my use the first one lasted three years. Excellent life and I believe I killed the vac accidentally trying to clean it of residual ash. Keep clean filters in it, dump the ash frequently, don't blow out your filters with compressed air (it'll damage the filter and ruin the vac), use a pre-filter and get the crevice cleaner kit for small areas - it has the neatest little brushes and wands to get into those tight spots. And it's quiet as well - not silent but quiet. Great product. I give it a five.

Ash Vacuum

What a great little machine! I haven't seen my fireplace this clean in years. I highly recommend it for the price.

ash vac

Very good product . Very good price .Works great.

Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum

I love my ash can! I highly recommend this for anyone that is looking for a fireplace or woodstove cleaner. Vitually no ash dust, strong suction, perfect size.

Ash Vacuum

Love the vac. Excellent customer service. Thank you!

I received my order in a timely manner and have been very happy with it's performance.

Economical and Functional

The Hearth Country Premium Ash Vac gives excellent bang for the buck. It is smaller in size, which I wanted for easy storage. And it doesn't weigh as much as other ash vacs. The motor is just as powerful as the more expensive brands and it gets the job done quite well. The quality of the hose attachments and accessories could be a bit better, but they work well, and are quite functional. Overall, the ash vac fulfills my needs quite nicely, and I would definitely recommend it.

Ash Vacuum

We are very please with the ash vacuum. A good value for the cost. Will recommend it for anyone with a pellet stove.

Works Great, but lookout!

This vaccum gets the job done for my pellet stove. Just one helpful note... Double check the wing nut on the HEPA filter inside to make sure it's on tight. I found out the hard way..3rd time using it the filter inside had come off and the intake shot fine ash into the air. I looked like a cartoon who had a explosive go off in my face! Plus the room was filled with ash and I had to set up some fans to blow it out the window... Otherwise, works great for a smaller more economical ash vac.

Ash Vacuum

The unit works quite well. Strong and quiet. the filter vibration knob needs to be used often, not too handy. The vacuum hose needs some redesign as well. I would suggest an inner liner as it tends to clog rapidly if any pieces of charcol are sucked in, they catch on the ridges and then pack with ash. All in all a pretty good piece.

Ash vac

Found this vacuum to be sufficient. If you are looking for lots of suction, this isn't the one for you, but does the job of cleaning up ashes in my fireplace just fine.

Premium Ash Vacum

A very good "Safe" vacum that seems to loose a great deal of suction within the first 30 seconds of use -- say to 50% if the higher rate of suction could be maintained longer this would be an excellent item - top of the line--- however the suction after a minute or so of use is adequate and it seems to maintain this level well --

Hearth Country Premium Ash Vac

I bought this unit for my pellet stove because it came with a pellet stove cleaning kit. It looks nice out of the box just like the bigger unit. It was able to pick up the pellet ash after I emptied out the ash tray. I do however feel the vacuum suction is a little weak. Also, as you're cleaning the stove do not leave it on for a extended period of time or the vacuum motor will overheat and shut down. Then you'll have to wait about an hours for the motor to cool before it will start up again. I found myself using it in 5 minute intervals.

pellet stove vaccuum

I have two of these machines at two different residences. They work great in cleaning my pellet stoves.

Filter clog

Works great - just felt with the fine ash the filter clogged up to fast

Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum

Is exactly what I need it for. No more and no less.

ash vacum

nice works fine like the attachments are fine the handle on top is super goodwork

Ash vac

It does it's intended job, although I do wish it had a bit more suction. Seems to work good, we shall see how it lasts. I found that while researching ash vacuum's they are all terribly overpriced. This was a medium price point and seems to be working pretty well.

Review of vacuum cleaner

Unit works really well but needs some place to store attachments

ash vacum

pretty good vacum. its quite loud though. thats the only con

Hearth Country Premium Ash Vac

Lightweight to handle, heavyweight in cleaning. Great addition to our pellet stove accessories!

ash vacuum

Decent product for the money, light and easy to move. The filtration system keeps ash out of the air, but must be cleaned frequently or the unit will lose suction.

Ash vacuum - pellet stove attachments

The vacuum works well and the smaller size makes it very convenient to use. However, we've found the attachment for cleaning the pellet stove doesn't fit on the hose. Unless there's something we're missing (no instructions provided), the vacuum hose is larger than the attachment, so it falls off and is of no use.

Ash vacuum

Unit is quiet with no dust exiting the exhaust. Overall very good . Only caveat is that it doesn't quite have the suction of a little shop-vac but adequate for the job. I'd buy another.

Ash Vac

works great, no complaints, gets the job done

Fireplace vac

So far, so good; only used it once. The directions/instructions leave much to be desired. Not enough information concerning the small tool adapters. We THINK we have it figured out. Also, almost NO information concerning the bag which is to go over the filter. It says especially useful for pellet stoves but should it not be as necessary for cleaning a fireplace? Obviously written in China.

Ash Vacuume

Great little ash vac with good suction, good portability, long electric cord and nice attachments, especially for the price. My only criticism is that there are no wheels on the canister so hense it tips over periodically when I move it or forget and pull on it.....that would make it just about perfect, other than making the canister a gallon larger! Recommend!

ash vac

I picked this particular because it had a so-called bag rapper to knock ash back into the bucket. I don't see any effect of the rapper. For the money I could kept using my old vac. Power is reasonable for a compact unit.

Ash Vacuum

I'm very happy with my ash vacuum. I do wish, however, that it were on wheels and that it came with an attachment rather than just the nozzle.

Product review

The vacuum is great. However, it is not clearly explained in the instructions how to use the smaller clear hose. The suction is not good using this accessory. It cannot be locked into place - air gets out.

ash vacuum

The filter gets full pretty easily. It is only for cold ash- so a shop vac may have done the same thing- ??? yet the filters would get filled almost immediately... Possibly for the money spent- get this only if beauty and perfection cleaning is your thing-

Hearth Country Premi. Ash Vac

I have used the vac once to clean out my wood pellet furnace. After about 10-15 minutes of use the motor stopped, as if it had overheated. Is this normal? I took care to keep things clean/empty, particularly the HEPA filter. I walked away and a day later it started back up normally. Is it normal for it to stop after some use? I did notice that the motor cover felt quite warm. Please keep this in case I have further difficulties. It is somewhat concerning.


I used the Hearth ash vac for the first time. I used it to clean a pellet stove. The ash vac worked great for about w5 seconds until the filter clogged upp. I used the shake off feature 5 or 6 times and it seemed to work a little better. Maybe on my secod use I will have better results. I do like then compactnes of the vac and hope it works better next time.


Seems to pick up fine, but leaks around neck where hose attaches.


Vacumn hose could be longer. Hard to use unit when I have to clean my pellet funace top end.


It's nice, does a good job. I only thing I don't care for is the bag filter over the paper filter really doesn't work that well. Very thin and doesn't really stop a lot of ash from getting to the paper filter. It will rip easy if try to clean it by air. Best to shake it and wash it by hand .That seems to be the best way that I found to clean it. The self cleaner doesn't impress me. I can thump it all day long and the bag filter is still covered in ash. I clean it weekly. Sorry....

pellet stove vacum

This was my first purchase after installing my pellet stove. I was surprised that the vacum didn't appear to have strong suctioning power. That being said it does do the job.


Does not appear to have a high suction? Used for a number of minutes & it over heated and shut down. Made sure all filters were clear & no improvement. Would not recommend this model...

hearth ash vacuum

I experienced some problems from the start. I do not believe that the vacuum was designed for pellet stoves but was lated adapted to be used for them. The asscessories are not convenient for the type of reaching in places requiried for pellet stove owners. I am working with the manufacturer to come up with a plan to make the vacuum more useful for this type of operation in which the vacuum needs to stay on for longer time then when cleaning a wood stove or fireplace. The one thing I really like about the vacuum clean air.

Loss of suction

It is a nice compact vacuum and it seems to hold in the very fine ash I vacuum from my pellot stove. The only dissappointment I have is that it lost most of its suction power almost immediatly after I vacuumed the fine ash the first time. The low suction is not enough to be useful when using the small diameter pellot stove attachments. The very fine ash has clogged up the filter. I can just pick up ash using the 1 1/2 diameter hose, but not the smaller pellot stove attachments. It has a thumper, which is supposed to knock the fine ash of the filter cover, but it does not knock off enough to make a difference.


its not as i thought it would be. very sensitive to picking up more than ashes. first time i used it it got clogged. but second time pretty good.

Hearth Country ash vacuum

Tools that come with vacuum ,they loose suction when attached to hose.

Ash vac

Received vac timely basis, however when my husband used it 1st time, suction was not as good as a shop vac he used prior to this purchase, we bought this because shop vac was very good for cleaning our pellet stove but threw black dust in room which added to more cleaning of house, plus he has breathing problems as well, so this was not good. Our problem with your vac is we tried to return for our money back to no avail per your customer service because it "was used" It was used one time and how would we know otherwise how the product worked if he did not try it. (His problem was the suction power not as good as his shop vac) We wanted something with more suction, same concept, in exchange but your people say there is not a product available as powerful as a shop vac. In meantime we have this machine that does not fit our needs, which is unfortunate.

Vacuum is a handy size. Suitable for cleaning inside the wood stove. Sometimes the filter clogs too quickly. Motor heats up more rapidly than expected. Could use better cord management system. Could be improved by having a wheel-base.

ash vacuum cleaner

very small unit. my shop vac has more suction. lowes has a bigger unit for $40.00 less. to bad i found out after i purchased these as gifts and did not want to return due to the shipping cost. would i buy another one--no.

Vaccum for wood

This vaccum is a little on the low side not a whole lot of suction it very easy to clean the screen on the filter is not built very good . This vacume needs a bigger motor on it attatchments are fine come in handy for getting in tight places

Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum

Perhaps my expectations were too high. My criticism is that the filter clogs rapidly and is difficult to clean. Also, ash blows out the top vent, into the room. In all fairness, I may not be using the vac properly but don't know what to do different. If anyone has a solution, please share it. The vacuum has great suction, and I use the crevice tool to prevent drawing large pieces in. I am still trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong.

Ash Vac

I am on the fence about keeping it. the filter got clogged immediately. I have already emptied it and cleaned the filter. The suction is diminished quickly after using it for a minute or two.

Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum

Very loud, filter clogs too fast, not a lot of suction (does not even suck up loose unburned pellets!)...and the tool kit for the pellet sove is a joke...it belongs to a doll house..so small and useless...sorry I bought tlhis vacuum and tool kit.

not so good

i read all te reviews on this product knowing that pellet stove dust is very very fine and clogs almost all filters, the manufacture sent there replys in so i bought it anyway, it does clog very fast and the suction is not very powerful, the nozzle diameter is to big for the motor size, i had to reduce the nozzle size and now it works much better. now that i have modified the nozzle i still have to clean the filter every time i use it and empty the canister or the dust collects on the filter just by turning on the vacuum. all in all my shop vac is much better just make sure the stove is COLD before you start.

Inflated price

The Vacuum works well and does not blow fine ash into the room, However after recieving the unit I discovered the same item at my local tractor supply for 2/3 the price. I notice that Woodlanddirect now packages the vacuum with a pellet stove cleaning kit and the Vacuum itself has more attachments than the one I bought a couple of months ago.

ash vacuum

This product does not work as advertised. It is grossly overpriced, and I am suprised you sell it. There is no way you get more positive reviews than negative reviews on this item.

vaccum cleaner

The protecting sleeve for the filter restricts the flow of the air too much. The product is okay, but you have to clean out the filter every couple of times you use it.

Too small for pellet insert

You get what you pay for. The motor on this vacum is not powerful enough to handle a really good cleaning of my pellet stove insert. After just a few short minutes the vacum heats up and shuts down, you have to wait for it to completely cool down which takes awhile before you can start cleaning again. I generally clean my insert bi-weekly, I was using my 16 gal shop vac and it worked fine but it was bulky and tough to get into the small spots of the stove. After reading the reviews on this cleaner I thought it would suffice, but the reviewers must not be cleaning their stoves properly. I should of sprung for more money and got the bigger and quieter Cheetah model. And the pellet insert cleaner kit that came with this vacum is completely useless, it comes with no instructions and when I tried to utilize it to get into the tough spots it just doesn't work. I'm going to finish out this season with this vacum but next year I'm going for the bigger unit.

Stove vaccum

rating based on 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. I may be doing something wrong, but the suction on this vaccum (pun intended) sucks. Even when it is freshly cleaned it will not clean all the dust off the outside of the stove. After just a short while it will not even suck up a wood pellet. In addition, the hose(metal) is so rigid you can not reach a lot of areas in the pellet stove. And why do they make the hose a different diameter than all other small vaccums ? Just so you can not use other attachments from other small vaccums. I think a fool and his money are soon departed. You can buy three Craftman 4 gallon vaccums for the price of this unit and their performance is far superior.

accessories useless no suction power! also unit blows dust back into room almost every time!

country hearth premium ash vacuum

Though the vacuum secures the ash it does not have much power and the motor gets hot and the vacuum shuts down. The first time I used it, it shut down on me. The second time I used it I had to keep shutting it down so it wouldn't over heat. I would recommend spending more money and get a better quality vacuum.

does not vacuum very well after 10 seconds of using i pull plunger and release a few times but again only works a few seconds and blows a puff of soot after plunging. does not really have a lot of suction or at least not as much as thought it would have

H>C>P> Ash vacuum

My only comment about the Hearth Ash Vacuum is that it is too noise and it does not have a strong vacuum. I would never buy this product again. Thank you.

Not happy

Product didn't have very good suction. The smaller parts are a joke. They're not good for anything other than really fine ash. If there's a tiny chunk it'll stop up. The item worked for about 5 times we used it then just quit working. Wouldn't turn on . We checked our outlet and it was fine. Hopefully they'll make this product good. Thank goodness for old faithful shop vac it came through for us again.


It may be a great vacuum but I bought it mostly to vacuum hot ashes. The advertisement specifically said it was for hot ashes, but on the box there is a large orange label that say for "cold ashes only"

Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum

I had purchased the hearth country premium ash vacuum for cleaning of my pellet stove. I do not recommend this for anyone wanting to use it for their pellet stove due to the filter plugs up all the time. If it was not recommended for use of a pellet stove why would you sell the pellet stove attachments with it? I am very dissatisfied with this vacuum and will not purchase another.

Premium Ash Vacuum

This is a total piece of junk, don't waste your money!

ash vacuum

Terrible product... absolutely useless...wasted a lot of money...and there is no way to know until one uses it... well, tries to use it, it lasted about 10 seconds and then was useless.

ash vacumn

Worked great the first 2 times, the third time the engine burned up, I cleaned the machine throughly each time i cleaned it, it was not even full when it quit working

Does not work correctly at all, does not filter at all, fills my house with heavy ash with use. terrible product.

Ash Vacuum

I've been asked to comment on my recent purchase of the Hearth Country Model 400 ash vacuum. I'm sorry to say that I'm not happy with this purchase. On the positive side, it's light and easily portable and I love the metal container. On the negative side it's very loud (it actually hurts my ears) and the suction is not what I expected. My worn out 14 year old Sears shop vacuum does a much better job. I'm sorry to write such negative comments, I'm normally a very easy person to please, but not in this case.

Woodland Hearth Ash Vac

Not impressed with this $150 vaccum. First time i used it, it plugged up, overheated and shut down. Was expecting more or my money.


Have had it a week and used it 2X. Its doing just what is should do. But will it last?

Hearth country ash vacuum

Good vacuum for the money. Cant suck up ash in pan from stove, Clogs filter fast. Try to dump your ash before using vacuum. Saves filter. Good for cleaning pellet stoves comea with pellet stove kit. Overall happy with purchase

Ash Vacume

Have only used this one time. Seems to work fine, however if you pick up larger debris it will clog, but this is easily reversed by clearing the hose inside the tank. Seems well made.