Landmann Black Log Carrier with Cover

Item # 2100015

4.54 out of 5 Customer Rating (50) Reviews

Landmann Black Log Carrier with Cover

Item # 2100015

4.54 out of 5 Customer Rating (50) Reviews

Using this extremely sturdy Landmann Black Log Carrier with Cover is very easy because of its high handle and large pneumatic tires. The roomy loop will accommodate many logs. If you need to keep those logs just outside your door, the cover that is i...

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Product Details

Using this extremely sturdy Landmann Black Log Carrier with Cover is very easy because of its high handle and large pneumatic tires. The roomy loop will accommodate many logs. If you need to keep those logs just outside your door, the cover that is included will keep out the rain or snow. Made of tubular steel with a weatherproof powder coat finish to inhibit rust.

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  • Type: Wood Carts
  • Material: Steel
  • Color Family: Black
  • Style: Traditional
  • Overall Width: 18"
  • Overall Depth: 21 1/2"
  • Finish: Powder Coat
  • Color: Black
  • Assembly Required: Required
  • Item Weight: 20 lbs.
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Product Reviews

Order Review

I recieved the order promptly... It came in good condition.

What a Terrific Surprise!

My husband and I rely on reviews before making purchases. We're especially thankful to the person who alerted us to check out the dimensions of carts we investigated beforehand. I'm sure it saved us a lot of trouble. This handy little cart fits perfectly through doors - our garage (where our wood is stored), the sliding patio door (where we bring it into the house), and wheels easily right up to the bin next to our fireplace in the living room. We stand it in the back room where it tucks neatly into a corner, out of the way. It's sturdy, sleek, and the tires are substantial enough to haul up the back stairs with confidence. Not only that, this company placed our order immediately, and it was here in lickity-split timing! It came with numbered parts and we assembled it in about 10 minutes! No groaning, no hassle, just all good. Obviously, we are very happy to recommend not only the product, but Woodland Direct. When they say "direct," they mean it!

Great piece of gear ...

I don't know why I didn't buy one of these a long time ago!! Assembly is a piece of cake, takes about 15 minutes. Cart is sturdy and well designed and handles shorter log lengths like 15" with no problem. Has a bit of a strong odor from the tires, but that's starting to fade. The added cover is a real nice touch. For the money, you can't go wrong - buy it, you won't be sorry. I love it!

Log caddy

Works great!! Don't have to use the riding lawn mower and trailer to bring in firewood anymore. Thanks



Product Review

easily put together very sturdy and good looking the pneumatic tires are just the right size instead of 5 or 6 trips to the wood pile, i now can make one trip for the same amount of wood this is a great product and you wont be sorry that you purchased it.

Log Caddy Review

This carrier has been used on stairs and rough ground. The large wheels make firewood gathering very easy. It is also wonderful for storing wood on the deck.

Black Log Caddy w/Cover

I am assuming that a "5" is a good score (?) - Good price, easy to assemble by myself using just a pair of pliers, hauls a lot of wood a lot easier than picking up logs in my arms, rolls up a 4 inch 'step' from garage into house very easily, only 'complaint' is that the cover and/or tires have a VERY strong odor, unit is in garage with door open, expect odor to dissapate within a few more days (its been about 10 days now), seems to be good value for the price.

Log caddy review

The caddy's design is well executed by it's manufacturer. The black powder coat paint job is flawless. Assembly is straight forward and all parts and fasteners were furnished. The pneumatic tires were a nice feature.



Very Happy

Works Great! Sturdy construction, easy to assemble. Love the larger pneumatic tires, most of the other caddies we looked at the wheels were half the size and were the hard plastic, these do not bite as well in the snow and ice. The cover is a nice addtion have it loaded and covered outside the back door for when the weather changes here in Chicago, which can happen any second.

Black Log Carrier with Cover

I recommend this product 100% ! I'm a single women over 50 and was able to assemble the carrier without help. The directions were clear and easy. The carrier holds a lot of logs and is easy to manipulate -going over grass, wood chips and up stairs onto my deck and into the house.

Great product

This little cart works well, however the small screws used to hold the cart together work lose and fall out. Once I replaced the small screws with larger sheet metal screws (that stay in place and dont work loose) it works great.

Log Carrier

This is an outstanding product! Recommend to anyone needing to haul a day's worth of logs for their woodburner. We keep our woodburner going 24/7 and find that the carrier handles a full day's supply of split logs. It rolls well in deep snow and is easy to pull up our two steps to enter the house, thanks to the pneumatic tires. . Doubles as a rack as we just leave the logs on the rack till it is empty, then out for more. Good buy compared to others we have seen.

Works Great

We use this to keep a supply of wood in the garage and it works great. It let's us keep some wood dry with a small footprint.

Product Review

Impressive product to transport firewood around. Better built than expected.

Black log carrier with cover

I just wanted to say the quality and functionality of the product I bought truly exceeded my expectations. I was worried it would be made out of cheap materials, but found just the opposite when I assembled it. I would strongly recommend this to anyone looking to simplify hauling a large load of wood for an evening fire.

log carrier

I originally looked at wheeled log carriers online at LLBean. They have a similar model to your Landmann carrier; however, some of the customer comments on the Bean site mentioned difficulty in assembling the axle and solid wheels on the Bean model. Some customers suggested replacing the axle with a stronger one, and refitting with 10" inflatable wheels. I thought these were good ideas. Further searching led me to your site where I found the Landmann carrier. I bought it because it is easy to assemble, sturdy, and has 10" inflatable wheels. Having air-filled tires is important as a load of wood can be heavy, especially when negotiating stairs. It also cost less than the Bean model. As a senior citizen, I no longer "tote" my wood by hand. The Landmann log carrier does it all nicely! Thank you!

Landmann Log Carrier

The Log Carrier is a great tool for me to move wood from the wood pile in the yard to the Log Rack near the house. It's easy to use and handles and works great!!!

Firewood cart

This cart is saving my back and my door moldings. The large wheels help travel over lumpy lawns with stabilitiy and climb a step into the house. The cart easily maneuvers through doorways and around corners with a full day of wood supply without lifting. It stores neatly next to the fireplace as a wood rack. The cart is one of my most useful purchases.

One of those things you really appreciate buying!!

Log Carrier

Well built. It makes moving firewood a breeze

Landmann Log Carrier and Cover

Excellent product! Easy to assemble; sturdy; great wheels; carries enough wood for a full evening fire!

log carrier

Easy to put together and sturdy. Pneumatic tires great for bringing logs into our home over the doorstep. Beats carrying logs by hand and getting wood chips all over your clothes! Also a back saver and is great for storing wood next to our wood stove.

Rolling Wood Cart

Love, Love, Love the cart. We have to go so far to get the wood it is a perfect tool to get more wood than your arms can carry, you don't get dirty, and it has a cover to keep the wood dry.

Log Carrier

An excellent product!



Landmann Log Carrier

Everything I had hoped for thanks to recommendation by your sales rep, Chris. I was going to order a different model but when I described exactly what I needed it for, he recommended this model and it's perfect for my task. Holds a lot of wood and extremely durable when going over rough ground. Great product! Great job, guys!

wood carrier revuew

Wonderful. Had one last season and liked it so good got another this season.

wood cart

This cart is a backsaver!! I am 69yrs young and it was getting hard for me to climb the backsteps to bring in wood an armload at a time. Had a friend build me a ramp so I can pull the cart up/holds more than an armload/cuts my trips way down. Bless the person who thought of this/sosimple but wonderful. Jana

Landman Black Log Carrier

Excellent product!

wood carrier

Absolutely perfect! The wheels are sturdy and durable, it's easy to handle and transport firewood. A great product!

Landman Log Carrier

Nice unit with the pnuematic wheels. Sturdy enough and expect it to last a while. Use it to haul wood from the woodpile up to the front of the house, can usually load 3-4 fires worth of wood in one trip

Wood Hauler

Love the wood storage rack/hauler. It was easy to assemble and the large tires make it easy to push right over the doorway into the cabin and next to the fireplace where I can unload or leave as a storage rack. It carries more wood than I even expected. I'd recommend to anyone who burns wood and needs to haul wood into there home/cabin.

Log carrier with cover

This is an awesome product. Easy to assemble, sturdy and quite easy to maneuver even with a full load. My only regret is that I did not have one years ago!

wood cart

LOVE this cart. The big wheels are great. I just back it up to the stairs and roll it up. A full cart holds a days worth of wood. Everyone who heats with wood should have one!

Wood Cart

Heavy duty steel frame. Big air filled tires makes it easy to roll and maneuver. Design of frame makes the weight fully loaded easy to pull or push for a woman!


This was a birthday gift for my son in Nashville. Last summer we helped him build a fire pit in his back yard. I heard from him and he is very pleased.

Works very well for my needs

Landman carrier

Works like a charm even in the snow. carries enough wood for a day to a day and a half each load. Could have a better connector than 2 screws for the handle - a bolt would be better or a cotter pin - I'll make the adjustment as needed.

Handy Log Carrier

This was a bought as a Christmas present for my father in law. He put it together, and it works great for hauling the wood from the log pile to the house. It is a little tricky to use on the steps from the backyard up to the porch, but it works fine enough.

Great log carrier only problem is that the tires smell like gas not sure what that is but it stinks

Log Carrier

An okay log carrier - though not as heavy duty as I would have expected and quite cheaply made (wheels even wiggle around when rolling on the too long shaft). A bit pricey for the quality.

Black log carrier

Could've purchased a more stable one at Ocean state job lot. The top/handle is put together with cheap screws. It's not tight, it is always loose, very cheap. Job lot has the same one built with threw bolt's and it is much sturdier. Doubt this one will last. I don't reccomend.

Landmann Black Log Carrier with Cover

This needs to made out of stronger metal and should be welded

Good not great

As described and works well but could be a little sturdier. Some the screws did not fit and will have to be replaced from hardware store and one of the tires was flat when it arrived.

Good not great

As described and works well but could be a little sturdier. Some the screws did not fit and will have to be replaced from hardware store and one of the tires was flat when it arrived.

land Mann

Make the front and back rack/tube steel dsme height. Bigger stronger wheels

Landmann Black Log Carrier with Cover

The log carrier needs something to keep logs from falling off sideways. The cover ripped immediately upon removal from package. The carrier is sturdy, the wheels made for easy movability. I am having a box insert built.

poor construction, design & durability

I ordered this wood carrier specifically because of the reviews that others had posted about different wood carriers. Specifically the fact that other carriers had issues with longer wood down by the wheels. This carrier is designed such that you can carry any length log without interfering with the wheels. In this respect, it is successful. However, the design and construction of the rest of the carrier leave a lot to be desired. The carrier is broken down in the shipping box and requires assembly. While this is not a problem, there is a serious flaw in the design. You screw the metal pipes of the carrier together with plain metal screws to make the back of the carrier. The problem is that the back plane of the carrier takes all of the stress of hauling wood. I have had this carrier for two months now and it is already extremely loose. The metal has stretched and it is no longer even possible to tighten the screws. The entire carrier wobbles and feels like it is about to fall apart. On top of the poor construction, the cover reeked so badly of chemicals that I had to put it out in the garage. It is two months later now and it still smells horribly. I cannot imagine having that thing inside the house as the smell is not going away. At the rate that this carrier is deteriorating, I cannot imagine that it will last longer than through the end of this season before it will need to be replaced. This log carrier is probably fine for people that wheel in one or two cart loads of wood per season. For anyone that actually has to USE it however, it is a poor design that is badly manufactured. Look elsewhere.