Pueblo Brown Log Carrier

by Condar

Item # 1091552

4.812 out of 5 Customer Rating (48) Reviews

Pueblo Brown Log Carrier

by Condar

Item # 1091552

4.812 out of 5 Customer Rating (48) Reviews

You've probably done it a million times - you pile your arms with as many logs as you can carry to bring in and set on the hearth. When you get to the fireplace, you've got debris all over the floor, your shirt is filthy, and you've probably only bro...

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Product Details

You've probably done it a million times - you pile your arms with as many logs as you can carry to bring in and set on the hearth. When you get to the fireplace, you've got debris all over the floor, your shirt is filthy, and you've probably only brought in four or five pieces of wood! Well, don't let this scene be carried out any more in your home - let this beautiful heavy-duty Pumpkin Weather Proof Carry-all Log Carrier solve that problem. With a large capacity and no open ends for dirt to spill out, you can bring in plenty of wood - and still keep your shirt clean.

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  • Type: Log Carriers
  • Material: Double Stitched Poly Fabric
  • Color Family: Orange
  • Overall Width: 22"
  • Overall Height: 12"
  • Overall Depth: 12"
  • Color: Pumpkin
  • Item Weight: 3 lbs.
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
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Product Reviews


It was perfect! Thank you very much for having it available for sale. Jim Petters

Product Review

I recently purchased a Pumpkin Colored Closed-End Log Tote (#1091552) from your company. Our old log carrier -also purchased from you - had worn out after years of hard use. The new one arrived in a timely manner and just in time for the 2008-2009 heating season. It is a terrific product - strong, good capacity, and aesthetically pleasing. Our living room decor is rustic and this log tote further beautifies the hearth. I highly recommend this product for anyone who actively uses their fireplace and has to move wood frequently. The closed sides keep debris under control and a good supply of logs can be moved at one time.

Tote is strong and beautiful

Tote is wonderul and better than I anticipated - it was very promptly sent and I am very happy with the company and the product

Closed End Tote

This is one of the best purchases I have made! Every fireplace owner should have this handy tote, no mess, no wheels on the tile. I love this tote!!

Log Tote

Excellent product and good company support.

Log Tote

It was purchased as a gift. I have been told that the recipient was delighted with the product.

log tote

I purchased two of these, one for my husband and another for a neighbor as a Christmas gift. I LOVE the tote. It holds all size logs but the best part is that the mess from bringing them inside is contained in the bag, not all over the floor. I would give this an A+.

Review of Product and Service

I received excellent service from Woodland Direct and am very pleased with the product. I would recommend Woodland Direct and their products to anyone in the future.

Well made log carrier

The log carrier arrived in a timely manner; the construction of the carrier is very sturdy and well made. It saves a lot of extra steps outside. We keep it just outside the door so we don't have to trek very far in the cold and can grab the logs close by. We don't bring it inside due to spiders dwelling inside the wood.

Review Product

It was great. Bigger and more sturdy than expected

Log Tote

Bought it as a gift... They love it! Thank you :)

Log Tote Review

I like this wood carrier a lot. It's big enough to carry 5-6 large pieces of wood (although that's too big a load for me to carry.) My husband is happy with it and uses it instead of the cart to haul the wood from the storage area to the porch.


large, strong, easy to handle and carry the wood. great product. easy to recommend.


The log tote was just what we needed to bring our wood in from outside.It is very strong and durable and holds as much as I am able to carry and then some. No more wood pieces on my clothing or splinters in my hand. Great buy!!

Log Carrier Review

This is the best log carrier we have ever owned. My husbands words were "this is so good, you should have bought two"! Love it and the color goes great with our decor.

This wood carrieris great. I actually have bought several of these over the years and this is the best. It doesn't drop pieces if dirt and leaves out of the sides!!! It keeps the fireplace area a lot cleaner......


It works great--the old carrier didn't have sides and if the load was too large some of the logs would fall out. Then the Labs would pick them up and run around the house with them, then chew them into kindling. We lost about a full face cord to the dogs before we purchased this! It is functional and a real money saver.

Pumpkin colored Log Carrier

Haven't actually used product yet but product seems very durable and well made. Sales representative was very helpful during the purchasing process!

love it!

generous size, perfect for bringing in wood - holds about as much as I can carry - well made. would be nice if it was brown or khaki, though.

Pumpkin Colored Closed-End Log Carrier

An excellent product - say good-bye to dropping bits of bark and dirt on the carpet (and yourself).

Wood Carrier

Love it! Sturdy and well made. Shipped quickly and without hassle. Great product!

log carrier

I've been looking for a sturdy log carrier for a while. This carrier is great fits alot of logs without them falling out when carrying. It also folds up for storage. Great color too.

Pumpkin colored log carrier

great bag, large enough to carry an evening's worth of wood. Once I've carried the logs in, I transfer them into the basket I keep by the fireplace. Bark debris and splinters neatly stay in the tightly woven canvass. After that, I place it by the kitchen door, as a reminder that it needs to be filled up again. I recommend it highly; it's attractive and extremely practical.

Great service.......

log carrier

I ordered simply on line. Product was delivered quickly, well packaged, and quality was exactly as I was expecting to receive. Thank you.

christmas gift for my husband, he loves it. Everyone wants to know where he got it, practical and sturdy. GREAT!

Log Carrier

This is an extremely well made product that won't fall apart for many, many years. It can hold many logs than you expect. I'm only 5'3", 115 lbs, but I can fill this carrier completely full and still manage to carry it. The wide handles, and closed ends makes the design so functional. I strongly recommend this product!

Super log carrier. Subsequent to buying one, I bought two more for 2 sons that liked it. Everything you carry seens to be very high quality.

pumpkin log carrier

I love how well this product serves! I rush out in the cold with no coat with carrier, plop it down, using both hands, throw the wood in haphazrdly,grab the handles and run back to the house. The construction is incredibly sturdy,it will never wear out. Julie

wood carrier

Exactly as pictured. Ease of ordering. Quick delivery. Quality material

I had one of the wood bags over ten years ago and unfortunately the handle got too close to the wood stove and got melted. Have looked for one at stores and couldn'r find one until I found your web site. I am very pleased with the bag!

Very well made

This was every bit as good as advertised. I got it for my son-in-law for Xmas and he loves it.

Log Carrier

Great bag to carry the logs w/o a mess

Pumpkin Colored Log Carrier

Very handy item. Carries easily enough wood in for an evening and looks good in front of the fireplace. Sturdy, easy to handle.

Weather Proof Carryall

This is a great carry all that is good for just about everything. It's well constructed and nicely priced. Good choice.


Does the job and keeps the dust from falling on the way to the fireplace and holds an evenings amount of wood.

Pumkin Weather Proof Carry-all Log Carrier

I consider this a very smart purchase. It adds no weight to the heavy load of logs being carried. It is very well constucted to carry a huge amount of wood. And it actually looks quite good sitting in my living room. By all means, even if you have a wood holder in your home you need this for extremely easy hauling into the house. This would be appreciated by anyone how has to "go get the wood".

Carry all Log Carrier

It's nice to have a well designed product. People like me seem to always push the limits of a product like this. I have routinely over loaded this log carrier. Way overloaded, not a stitch or seam has failed. Thanks

Wood carrier

This is the perfect solution to a messy problem. It is amazing how many logs fit In the carrier and it doesn't dump or swing your load in the middle of the house. This carrier is very tough and durable-well made! We highly recommend this product to any one needing a carrier from the wood stack to the fireplace!

Pumpkin wood tote

I love this bag! I was worried about durability, but so far so good. This large bag easily handles 6-8 large splits and seems well constructed. Saves on trips out to woodrack too;)

Great product!

I'm happy with this log tote.


I really like it. I could have used it just a tad smaller, but otherwise, perfect!

Good gift

Arrived on time, and well received.

Good carrier needs a strap at top of carrier to lock sides together when bag is resting at fireplace.

Useful and Well Made

The items looks a bit on the cheap side, which is why I'm only giving it 4 stars. But it seems well made and appears it will be around for a while. It's quite large which makes hauling of the wood nice and easy.

Good quality - not color i thought

The carrier is nice just like it looks. But I thought the trim would be black, it's actually green. Does the job though.

Pumpkin log carrier bag

We like the log carrier bag it makes bringing seasoned firewood into the house much cleaner. Within 3 weeks of use the bottom seam seperated, my wife was able to repair it with her sewing machine, other than that we like it.