Screen Rod Kit Installation Instructions

The Rod kit includes:

Rod Kit

Tools you will need:

Using the tape measure, find the center of your fireplace opening. Align the center bracket and use a dark marker to mark its location. You will want to place the center bracket as far back from the face of the fireplace on the lintel as possible.

If your fireplace opening is arched or uniquely designed, you will want to install the rod kit behind the fireplace opening. In this case, you will use the secondary bracket included with the rod kit. (Remember, you are now installing the bracket on a vertical surface, rather than on a horizontal surface as with standard installation, and for this reason it is necessary to use the secondary bracket in conjunction with the center bracket. The secondary bracket will make it possible for the center bracket to hang horizontally as with standard installation.)

Next, drill a hole through your lintel into your fireplace using the 3/16” drill bit. Ultimately, the hole should extend approximately one inch into the masonry; it may take a few drill bits to accomplish this, as the average lintel is 1/4” inch thick.


Attach the center bracket (or the combined brackets, for arched fireplaces) to the lintel using either a lag bolt for your masonry fireplace or a metal screw for your metal firebox.


Both rods have a flat end; using a pair of vise grip pliers, very gently bend each flat end at a ninety degree angle. This will enable you to attach the rods directly to the side of your fireplace opening. If you are installing the rod kit using the secondary bracket for arched fireplaces, leave these ends flat.


The rod that will attach to the right side of your fireplace opening needs to thread through the left side of the center bracket; the rod that will attach to the left side of your fireplace needs to thread through the right side of the center bracket (as seen facing your fireplace). The two rods are supposed to overlap, ensuring that the curtain can close all the way.

Depending on the width of your fireplace opening, the rods may be too long. Simply saw off each end with a grinder or hack saw, leaving an extra inch past the bracket to incorporate the weight of the screen curtain.

Run each rod through the center bracket, and, making sure that each rod is level, mark its placement on the side of your opening. Remove the rod and use a 3/16” drill bit to drill approximately 1” deep on each side.

If your fireplace is arched and you are using the secondary bracket, you will need 4-6 washers stacked between the flat end of the rod and your fireplace wall. This way, the curtain will not drag against the fireplace.


Thread the curtain onto the rod. Then, lining up the last curtain ring (the ring farthest from the center) with the hole in the end of the rod, attach each into the side of your fireplace opening. This will ensure that the screen curtain does not slide into the middle.


The two rods should slightly overlap, allowing the curtain to close all the way.

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