Why Buy a ForgeCraft Door?

Superior Construction

Blacksmith All Forgecraft doors are made in the USA by metal workers with decades of experience. The steel frames use 1/4" thick steel for strength and a lifetime of reliable operations. With options like Neoceramic glass you will never have to worry about your glass doors breaking from the heat of the fire.

The Forgecraft Masonry Enclosure line is our newest edition. Available only online and fully customizable to your taste, The Forgecraft Series continues to be the most beautiful and recognized quality enclosure available. All enclosures are individually hand built for your fireplace. Ease of installation and beauty makes the Forgecraft series your best choice. Whether you are updating an existing fireplace or creating a new one the Forgecraft line provides a choice like no other.

Green Initiative

Energy Savings While no single person or single company can save the environemt, we can all take steps to limit out impact on it. The Forgecraft line is designed and produced with the environment in mind. We strive to find safer and more environmentally friendly processes to produce our doors and save energy.