Composting Information

Vermiculture-composting with worms is a fun and easy way to turn messy food scraps into rich and crumbly black compost.

Reasons to Try Worm Composting

Browns vs. Greens

Just like using an outdoor composter, worm composters need a balance of carbon and nitrogen. Generally the carbon comes from the brown products and nitrogen from the green products; with worm composting the bedding material provides the carbon and the kitchen scraps provide the nitrogen.

The purpose of bedding mateiral is to provide a food source for your worms, moderate moisture levels, control odor and ensure aeration. Shredded newspaper, dry leaves and coconut fiber/coir make good bedding. Add a handful of bedding every time you add scraps.

You can feed your worms andy kind of vegetable scraps (raw or cooked), coffee grounds and tea bags. Fruit will produce fruit flies and dairy products are too fatty for worms to eat.

Tips for Success