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This UrBin Grower comes complete with the organic nutrients and trace minerals neede to start an organic planter. There are different types of coir, pumice and trace minerals included.


Coir is a by-product of coconut harversting, done with sustainable methods in India and Sri Lanka. Primarily a wetting agent, coir's properties of water retention, good drainage, and soil aeration outperforms peat moss, rockwool, vermiculite and perlite as a soil amendment. Coir is high in lignin, an organic substance that resists rapid breakdown in the soil. Once added to soil, coir will not breakdown for 5 to 10 years. The three types of coir that are included with the UrBin Grower are:

Coir Features


Pumice is a lightweight volcanic rock that is chemically inert and has a high silica content. Pumice provides excellent soil aeration and larger pieces are provided for this purpose in addition to the finely ground particles in the coir mix. Full of microscopic holes, each piece of pumice can hold and release water and nutrients to growing plants over time. Pumice is so durable that you'll never need to replace it in your potting mix.

Trace Minerals

Trace minerals improve soil vitalilty and plant health. Minerals are essential to the human body for health and well-being, but much of our soil has been depleted of natural minerals thorugh erosion, leaching and certain farming methods. A diet rich in green vegetables and fruits grown in fertile soil replenished with trace minerals can provide these needed elements. The dry coir provided has been comined with glacial rock dust, olivine and finely ground pumice. This mixture will provide your plants a broad range of trace minerals, including 14 of the body's essential and minor minerals needed for optimum physical and mental health: