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Single Flue CapSingle Flue Caps for Clay Tile Flues

Top View Single Flue MountThe single flue cap is the most basic cap. And it is also the easiest cap to measure for. Simply measure the outside width and outside length of your flue. Each Single Flue Cap has a flue size range that it will mount to. For example an 8" x 8" cap may mate to flues from 6" to 8.5" in both width and length. Each cap on Woodland Direct has a sizing guide associated with it that will help you select the correct size.

Pressure Mounting a CapFlue Mount: Pressure Screws

Single Flue Caps mount to the flue of the chimney directly through pressure screws. The screws will either be located on the four corners of the cap or in the center of each side of the cap. You simple tighten the screws until they hold fast to the clay flue tiles. The screws must not penetrate the flue or they may cause it to crack. Once tightened the cap will be able to withstand even some of the strongest winds.

Flue Grip AdaptorsFlue Mount: Inner Flue Grips

Some single flue chimneys have clay tile flues that are even with the crown of the chimney. They do not extend high enough above the flue to allow a single flue cap to mount securely with its pressure screws. If you have this style of flue then one of our Inside Flue Grip Adapters will allow you to still use a flue mount cap. Instead of screwing the pressure screws tight against the flue, you screw them into the adapter. Then you slide the adapter legs into the flue. Once inserted into the flue some adapters require you to tighten the pressure screws slightly to ensure a snug fit. Will these adapters do provide a strong grip to your flue tile they may not withstand high winds.

Flue Mount to crown mount adaptorsConvert Flue Mount to Crown Mount

If you live in a high wind area and have a flue level with your crown then your best option for mounting a Single Flue Cap to your chimney is to convert the single flue cap to a crown mount cap. These adapters must be screwed into the Single Flue Cap, then they are screwed into the chimney crown using self tapping screws. This allows the cap to have a wind resistant mount to your chimney when there isn't enough flue tile above the crown to accommodate the pressure screws.

Multi Flue CapMulti-Flue Caps

Multi-Flue Caps are designed to cover chimneys that have more than one flue exiting out of the crown. While slightly more complicated to measure for using one multi-flue cap often gives a cleaner look than using multiple single flue caps. To measure for a Multi-Flue Caps you need to gather a minimum of five measurements. The measurements you need are:Multi Flue Measuring Guide

  1. Total crown width
  2. Total crown length
  3. Width of the flue area
  4. Length of the flue area
  5. Height of the tallest flue
The Multi-Flue cap can be sized to fit just around the flues or to cover the entire chimney crown. You can save on the caps cost by sizing it to the minimum needed to cover the flues (especially if you are using an expensive material like copper). But for the best looking cap and the added protection of covering the chimney crown many people choose a full size cap.

Top Mounted CapCrown Mount - Top Mount

Many Multi-Flue caps, including our Chimney Champion, are top mount caps. Top mount caps screw directly into the crown of your chimney using self tapping screws. Once screwed into the crown they are very wind resistant. Depending on the size of the cap they will have differing numbers of screws needed to hold them down.

Side Mounted CapChimney Mount - Side Mount

Side mounting is a custom order option for many chimney caps and shrouds. Side mounting allows the cap or shroud to be securely fixed to chimney without risking the integrity of your chimney crown. These caps are also the most secure against high winds. Side mounting caps overhang the edges of your chimney, very similar to a shoe box lid over hanging the shoe box. Once in place the cap is screwed directly into the chimney brick. The number of screws will depend on the size of the cap or shroud.