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Chimney shrouds hide the often unsightly termination cap on chimneys. When selecting a shroud many factors play into the decision. For example, the size of your chimney may impact what style of shroud you can choose as many chimneys require a certain amount of clearance around their flue or cap. Also some localities require your shroud to be UL listed. Many of our shrouds are UL approved and can accommodate a variety of chimney styles and designs. Our technical advisors can help you make an informed decision on which shroud will meet your needs both functionally and aesthetically.

Our chimney shrouds can be manufactured out of a variety of materials. We produce shrouds in prefinished Kynar steel, stainless steel, copper in various finishes, even in stucco/stone ready steel. For the most enduring shroud either copper or stainless steel should be used. Generally if you are on a seafront then copper is the best choice as the salt water can corrode other materials at an accelerated rate. Kynar steel has been known to survive with no rusting effect upwards of 20 years but this life span can be shortened by a variety of factors from physical abrasions to incorrect installation techniques.

Stucco Ready Shroud

Be sure when installing any shroud that you use the correct mounting hardware. For example, iron screws and nails should be avoided. Copper shrouds should be screwed down with stainless steel screws. If copper comes into contact with iron screws or parts then a chemical reaction will take place that will corrode the copper. Good practice is to use stainless steel screws and mounting hardware for any aesthetic addition to your home as they will generally last longer and will protect you from a possibly rusting joint.