Wood Burning Fireplace Heater

Item # M26200007

4.128 out of 5 Customer Rating (39) Reviews

Wood Burning Fireplace Heater

Item # M26200007

4.128 out of 5 Customer Rating (39) Reviews

The Wood Burning Fireplace Heater has the largest wood burning area of any fireplace blower system. Your fireplace can now have a heater system installed without sacrificing your burning display. The Wood Burning Fireplace Heater has a full-sized gra...

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Product Details

The Wood Burning Fireplace Heater has the largest wood burning area of any fireplace blower system. Your fireplace can now have a heater system installed without sacrificing your burning display.

The Wood Burning Fireplace Heater has a full-sized grate to hold a large display of wood. It features both a front and rear log guard, as well as a heat shielded blower unit.

Once your fire is lit, the unit is activated by a heat sensor. The fireplace blower works by pulling in cold air from your home and forcing it through the grate that holds the fire. The cold air heats up as it is pushed through the grate before it's pumped back into your home. You can see a significant drop in your heating bills when utilizing this heater unit to supplement your traditional heating system.

The blower motor can switch sides to accommodate a left hand or right hand electrical power source. Please note that this item is not returnable once burned on.


  • Front and rear log guards
  • Heat shielded blower unit
  • Used to supplement traditional heating systems
  • Bar covers up to 48 inch

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  • Type: Fireplace Heater
  • Overall Width: 48" | 27 1/2"
  • Depth: 18 1/2" | 23 1/2" | 21 1/2"
  • Overall Height: 9 1/2"
  • CFM: 125
  • Item Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Appliance Fuel Type: Wood
  • Color: Black

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NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
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Product Reviews


I have to say I am really impressed w/ WoodlandDirect. I ordered the large grate heater online and was not sure what to expect. When the package arrived missing several parts including the blower motor - I figured I was stuck. After a quick call that was handled very professionally, the problem was resolved and arrangements were made. I had a whole new package 2 days later with all parts and the original package was picked up from my house the next day w/ no effort on my part. The heater is very easily installed. Once up and running I was quickly impressed with the difference it made in the house temp. We bought this looking to reduce our electric bill in the winter and I can already see where it is going to be a great help in this. I figure the cost of the grate heater will be easily recouped this winter. The main concern I had was how loud the blower motor would be - even on high it is not very noisy. This is in our family room and we are still able to enjoy TV, games, and conversations as before.One recommendation/suggestion. Make sure you use it once or twice before having company over. The initial use has a pretty strong smell of new burning off. Very satisfied with WoodlandDirect as well as with the product. Will definitely order more products from them.

Wood Burning Firplace Heater-Medium

Works great,Had a small thing go wrong Called the factory had the part in 2 days

keep half the house warm without being Hot in living room were heater grate is lcoated

Great addition to any fireplace!

This heater is a wonderful addition to any fireplace. We replaced an old one that came with the house we bought with this one and the difference is incredible. The old one had a huge box, fan, that was on the outside of the fireplace and the cord was always in the way. With this new one, the fan is slim-line; you can hardly tell it's there. The cord runs along the fan and neatly tucks away. The fan only goes on when it’s hot enough to heat the room, so it’s not constantly on. Our entire family enjoys it, especially our dog.

Review rating on fireplace heater

The wood burning fireplace heater works like a dream. When the box arrived it seemed smaller than expected but after assembly and installing the unit into the fireplace, the unit was a perfect fit. Luckily my existing fireplace doors were easily re-adjustable to accommodate the gap for the fireplace unit. I did need to purchase fireproof insulation to plug a few holes to keep any smoke from coming into the room. The exhaust vent was just a bit off from the holes in the metal rail, so with the use of the insulation it kept the smoke from being pulled into the room. Great product invention, room stays warm enough that central air doesn't go on, blower noise on high speed barely noticable. I was surprised that even after fire embers have gone out that unit continues to blow hot air out, for a very long time.

Fireplace Blower

It really works well and puts out alot of heat. It comes on when the temp hits 90 and automatically shuts off when the temp drops below 90. So far so good. Hope it can last more than one season. I use it everyday.


I have a huge problem with the draft in a cathedral ceiling fireplace. Smoke all the time. So buy doors or an exhaust fan (or make the chimney much taller!). So I added doors-now of course, not nearly as much heat. The blower insert was perfect. It has allowed me to not use propane so far and not have a room filled with smoke. This unit fits perfect with my existing doors-this is the only design that would work. Excellent.

Works Great

This grate works very well. I wish the heat sensor would be a little lower setting so it would kick on a little sooner. It seems to blow out a lot of heat, but it doesn't heat my living room as fast as i'd like it to. Either way, I've got the large one and it's a really nice size, fits a lot of wood.

Awesome heater

Perfect insert for my see thru fireplace

Great Fireplace rack / blower

I am very pleased at how this rack with a blower has worked. It warms our house nicely. I would definitely recommend this. I am looking forward to cheaper electric bills.

Wood Burning Fireplace Heater - Large

It is an expensive purchase but worth its weight. Heavy steel quality and build, this thing should last for years. Easy assembly, just have a hand saw ready to fit the bottom vent piece to match the width of the fireplace. Prior to burning, use a lighter to heat the magnet to ensure the motor runs.

Grate Heater Review

We love this heater. It has definitely made our masonry fireplace more efficient and our house warmer. The installation was very simple since I was changing my doors I was able to order them size appropriate for the heater bar that sits under them. The blower motor is a bit loud when on high but once the room warms up you won't be running it on high anyway. I would give this a 5 out of 5 stars !!!!

wood grate heater

This is the item that you want if you have a fireplace. Before I found Woodland Direct I found the same exact heater at a local fireplace store. It was a display model and it was beat up and they wanted $10 more and they were charging $75 dollars for shipping! It get's our living room so warm that after it runs for a while we normally need to shut it off(even on the coldest nights). Another nice thing is that it starts putting heat out, way before a normal fire would. The only negative thing that I would say is that the motor is a little noisy. But, I can deal with that. I am in the service business and I see 1,000's of customers and I will recommend this heater and Woodland Direct. THANK YOU!

Medium Wood Burning Fireplace Heater

First off this heater works great. I currently use it without doors but I think it would probably be much more efficient if I had them. The only thing i wish it had was an override for the fan. Currently it cuts on once it reaches a certain temp. But, would be nice if I could turn it on sooner if needed. Over all great product and will be purchasing one for my basement fireplace soon.

Wood burning fireplace blower

Purchased the medium fireplace blower for my daughter and son-in-law to help them control their heating bills. Installation was easy and fast. So far so good. Hopefully they see a big saving in their cost of heating oil this winter even with the lower prices.

large 24"fireplace heat grate

awesome product. just like the company. quick shipping. product fits like a good glove. quality built fabrication. i should know; i"ve been around metal fabrication a lot of years. do measure ur install twice. if not sure, talk to there staff. they'll be happy to help as they did for me. if i follow the manual and take care of it (seasonal cleaning etc etc. it will last a long time. again many thanks for a great product. and service. hope to meet again.

Wood burning fireplace heater

My first question was what size I needed to install into the fireplace. With one call to WoodlandDirect they instructed me in what I needed to do to determine the size of heater I needed. Called them back and order the heater. The delivery time of two weeks was right on scheduled. I’m very pleased with the wood burning heater. The packaging was well constructed and parts were packaged very carefully. I had one question regarding the heat transfer plate so I call the support line and they were able to assist me in matter of minutes. The installation took about 2 hours after laying out all the parts on the floor per the instructions. We installed the heater in our living room which is about 400 sq ft. It heated up the room in about 2 hours which started out at 60 degrees and warmed up to 70 degrees. Our kitchen is off the living room which we consider it open floor plan and the sq ft is about 500 sq ft and the room heated up from 60 degrees to 65 degrees but took a little longer to heat up. Great constructed product.

Poor Man's Option

First the instructions for cutting to fit the grille need a lot more explaining and pictures. The Philip head screws should be hex head. The whole thing should be higher at 60 degree angle. The expanded metal on the bottom of the tubes causes coal and ash to build up making it hard to clean. I had to buy a ash vacuum to clean out the fire place because you can't shovel it out. Good heavy duty construction, nice quiet motor. motor switch should not have an off position. Air flow is 68 degrees F in and 198 degrees F out at 60 CFM, Nice. Much less expensive than an insert and will pay for it's self back much faster.

Grate Heater - Small

Very good product, works as advertised. As the motor thermostat is a bit distant from the fire, the "turn-on" threshold of 90 degrees F takes a while to be reached despite a little metal "bridge" to the thermostat --a small fire will burn mostly without the grate heater coming on, in a fireplace with a strong draft. Also, the motor box is a bit big and unsightly. Other than that, a great product and the variable fan control is good to keep it quiet or push a large amount of air (which is more noisy).

Wonderful product. Great for getting more heat out of a standard fireplace. My rating would have been a five if the assembly directions were more clear. I had to call the manufacturer in order to fully understand the assembly instructions. Also, the grate could use end/side pieces to prevent logs from rolling out while burning. It should be a part of the original product---not an additional add-on. Overall, it is a great product for producing heat into a room, looks great, and is relatively easy to install.

Fireplace Heater just falls short

Here's the good news: High quality construction. Easy Assembly. Low noise fan (I actually called manufacturer to assure me it was working. The bad news: The fan should be stronger to throw off more heat. In my small living room it keeps the temperature level or up 2 degrees without my heat on.

review fireplace heater blower

Once the heater volume control switch was replaced,the unit is working well.We have had many fires in the fireplace and the system is sturdy and holds some of the bigger logs that I've split.We have had many all-day fires and the unit works well.My only desire is for a higher BTU output,but that is another issue.

Fireplace heater

The unit is well built with good materials and components. Installation was pretty easy however I did need to trim some (~ 1/8th inch) of the cooling shield around the fan box to allow mounting to the grate - a heavy pair of tinsnips worked well for this. Don't expect miracles - the unit will not be as effective as an insert, but at 1/5th the cost I'm not too unhappy. I have two suggestions - include a switch to by- pass the thermostat (allow owner to turn-on fan no matter what the temp) and include a heat reflecter to mount along the back side - this could reflect heat into the room, but also conduct additional heat down to the grate. - I may add these myself at some point. Unit looks good underneath my existing fireplace doors - very unobtrusive. Variable speed fan is also a plus.

Grate Heater

This heater has worked wonders in my fireplace. I would recommend it to anyone.

Fireplace Heater

The heater is a well built quality product and performs great. The only downside is that it's fairly noisey!

Wood-burning fireplace heater - large

I am overall very pleased with this product. The heat grate fits nicely into my fireplace and all parts assembled easily. My fire place glass door assembly reinstalled easily on top of the blower vent assembly so that with the doors closed, you can hardly detect the presence of a grate heater. With the motor mounted inside the fireplace, the unit is quiet and powerful, providing ample heat to the room. I recommend that Woodland Direct modify the blower switch assembly to provide a manual on/off setting as an alternative to the thermal on/off switch. I found the heat detector to be far too insensitive, requiring that I build a thoroughly roaring fire before the fan would kick on and provide heat circulation. A quick phone call to Woodland Direct, provided me with good rewiring instruction to bypass the thermal switch. Now my unit works perfectly.

Wood Burning Fireplace Heater - Large

It is the best for me what I found on the market. Product was delivered in one week. Switcher was broken during transportation, but replays t after my call. Blower is to noisy on full speed only. After two week i believe that i got a good stuff.


Shipped fast. Putting it together wasn't the easy thing in the world. The screw placement made it hard to get a screw driver positioned. You have to cut the bar at the bottom to fit your unit so you need something that can cut metal. It takes a while for it to heat up and the heater to actually kick on but once it does it works great. I'm not upset I bought it.

heater grate

I finally had a chance to use the fireplace with the new heater grate. It worked great. I like it. My only suggestion for the manufacturer is to provide some type of adjustable bolt or place that the back of the grate so compensate for different depths of fire boxes. This would help eliminate the possibility of someone carelessly tossing in a log and misaligning the front ports.

Cozy Grate Heater

The craftsmanship of the product is excellent. It is well made and sturdy. However, it doesn't seem to provide much more heat than a simple space heater. The literature may state one thing, but in the real world if your looking for something to really heat up your home this probably isn't the best option. For the cost ($529) I think the heat output per dollar positions it at the lower end of your options.

Wood FP Heater MED

Damaged in shipment. Parts were replaced free of charge. The fan switch button and cord gromet are worthless. Variable fan does work. Assembly was easy enough, grate cover needed to be cut. One of the air out side fins is crooked causing a crease in the grate cover. Looks fine in the fireplace. Fan is quiet on low speed climbing higher as speed increases. Too early in the season to tell how much it will heat the great room. We have high hopes.....

wood grater with blower

i got a living roomabout 24 x 22 and you can sit in there comfortable, but i thought it would heat a little more than just this room

wood burning heater grate

I installed this a couple of months ago. This was not an easy install. The instructions were not very good and I consider myself a good mechanic. I was missing a bolt (the heat transfer bolt), so I had to go buy one. Second, placing the fan on the left side of the grate would result in having the grate set off center in the fireplace, so I kept it on the right - fortunately, I have an electrical outlet on both sides of my fireplace. Third, in order to match up the intake and exhaust vents, I had to cut the metal bar at the center, not on the ends as the instructions seemed to suggest. Fourth, I sanded and painted my old gold fireplace doors to match the black finish on the vent tube and re installed the doors. It looks great. While I did use a lighter to simulate heat and the fan did come on and everything seemed to work, It has been too warm to have a fire. I plan to try that out soon and let you know how it works. I have my fingers crossed. However, I have a suggestion for the manufacturer that I will share after I have tried it out. Tim

Fire place blower and grate

It is a great product, we love using it. It definitely heats up the room and joining rooms rather sufficiently. The only problem we encountered was that it came with a broken part. The knob on the front that controls the fan, was broke. It is made of plastic and that may be the reason it did not ship intact. But the company replaced the part, although it did take a couple weeks. I had to call numerous times to get the situation remedied, but when it was all was good.


The unit was easy to install. However, it does not heat as well as I expected. On a warm day in the upper 50's it can raise the temp in the room about 5 degrees, but on colder days it will basically just reduce the amount of time your heat pump is going to run.

Not all of the threaded holes accepted the screws; and as a result, a couple of the screws' threads were stripped. The cord that was provided and the wires from the blower both had males ends. I will have to use wires nuts to wire the heater. The directions did not say anything about drilling holes to attach the vent, but it is apparent that is what I will have to do. I am extremely disappointed for what I paid for this heater.

product review

I actually have mixed feelings about this product. While I was impressed with the over-all function and operation of my new fireplace blower and would recommend it to others, I was very disappointed with the quality of the manufacturing of the product. Holes were not drilled for screws where the instructions said they were, and none of the electrical connectors on the blower motor were crimped to hold the wires. While these were easy fixes, I was very annoyed when assembling the fireplace blower per the instructions.


This is my second one. It is well made and quite when motor is running. The only issue I have is when I shut the fireplace doors there is a wood smell that comes from the blower but does not happen if the doors are open. I had it professionally installed and doors insulated so not sure what the issue is.