4" Easy Flex Chimney Liner (AL 29-4C)
Item#: 2520595

The Easy Flex AL29-4C liners are recommended when venting corn burning appliances or high efficiency appliances that have high condensation levels.

The 4" Easy Flex Chimney Liner (AL 29-4C) comes as a single coil ready to be unwrapped and installed. All our Easy Flex Chimney Liners are made with .006mm Steel. Our world class liner features a Seven-ply seam with ten corrugations between each reinforced seam. It is both air and water tight and others superior flexibility. Experience peace of mind, with the knowledge that your chimney is lined by a fully UL tested and listed liner system. The Easy Flex liner is listed under the UL 1777 standard by the Underwriters Laboratories.

The Easy Flex Liner is a perfect choice for the homeowner’s relining projects. This Liner is light and flexible enough to be installed by one person in many cases. And our technical sales staff can help guide you through planning your chimney lining project.


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