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Ashley AFS6500 Wood Stove
Item#: 4290005

Add a touch of old-world design elegance with the Ashley AFS6500 Wood Stove. Not only will it will fit nicely in multiple surroundings, it will also provide an efficient and environmentally friendly heating solution for your home. It's even uncomplicated to maintain.


  • Quiet 150 CFM blower Included
  • Log length: 21"
  • Simple to operate
  • Air wash glass
  • Firebrick lined for long life and combustion efficiency

The Ashley AFS6500 Wood Stove is heat and energy efficient; it delivers comfortable heat for up to a 2,000 sq. ft. area, and provides a 65,000 BTU capacity. It's also constructed on a pedestal base so that you won't have to bend down as far to load the wood. The AFS6500 Stove is attractive and affordable, perfect if you're looking to supplement your primary heating system and reduce heating costs. Blower available at additional cost.


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