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Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Chimney Cap
Item#: 1161016

This is the premier chimney cap for solving common, wind-related draft problems. These problems often occur for homes that have hills, mountains, tall trees or buildings in the vicinity.
How it works: When wind flows around the Vacu-Stack's unique design, wind speeds increase which creates a partial vacuum. This vacuum then pulls flue gases up and out of the chimney, thus preventing wind-induced downdraft and the resulting infiltration of smoke, odor, and flue gas into your home.
This cap also functions as a conventional chimney cap by protecting the chimney from rain, snow, debris, and animals. It is designed for round chimneys that are not air insulated (also called air-cooled). The Vacu-Stack can also be installed on a square or rectangular chimney using the Masonry Adaptor.

This model work with the following types of chimneys:

  • Single wall
  • Masonry
  • Solid pack insulated
  • Class A
  • B vent

  • Note: Optional stainless steel Spark Arrester is required in some states. 1" x 1" is standard; smaller 1/2" x 1/2" mesh is also available.

    Please be aware that any Vacu-Stack chimney cap that is larger than 12" will be custom made and will ship out in 1-2 weeks.

    Customers from all parts of the country have had great success with the Vacu-Stack. We have found that the Vacu-Stack will solve the majority of down draft issues when they are wind-related. Customers who purchase and install the Vacu-Stack for non-wind-related issues may see an improvement, but not a complete resolution to their down draft problems. Please be aware that if you purchase and install the Vacu-Stack, it cannot be returned.

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