CrownSeal Waterproof Coating
Item#: 1091841

CrownSeal is a premixed flexible waterproof coating, that is applied with a trowel and dries to a natural concrete look. CrownSeal remains permanently flexible so it can be used right up against the flue tile. Use it for a number of horizontal and vertical applications, as long as the surface is structurally sound. CrownSeal dries in about six hours and cures completely in 24 - 72 hours depending on temperature and humidity. CrownSeal should not be used at temperatures below 40 degrees, and the temperature must remain above 40 degrees for 24 hours after it is applied.
CrownSeal covers about 18 sq. ft. per gallon at 1/8" thickness. (1/8" to 1/4" thickness recommended)

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