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The Top 5 Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

to create a relaxing retreat, anywhere in the house

Most homeowners love the idea of lounging in front of a roaring fire, but not all homes are built to accommodate conventional masonry fireplaces. Luckily, there’s an alternative option that’s safer, more affordable to install, and provides the same cozy ambiance — a Direct Vent gas fireplace!

Direct Vent models rely on outdoor air for combustion and are completely sealed off from the interior of your home, preventing harmful byproducts from polluting your indoor air. Since a traditional chimney isn’t required to install a Direct Vent gas fireplace, you can put one in practically any room of your house, including a bedroom, bathroom, or basement, depending on your local building fire codes.

Even though Direct Vent gas fireplaces are simple to install and give you room to experiment with location, it’s still important to find the right fit for your home. Below, we’ve outlined our top 5 Direct Vent gas fireplaces to help you create your new favorite hang-out spot!


What Makes It Great:

With its sleek, 60-inch linear design and 46,000-BTU output, the Empire Boulevard Direct Vent Gas Fireplace can’t help but be the center of attention in your space! Six dynamic flame settings and built-in accent lighting let you set the mood for countless cozy evenings in front of the fire.

Key Features: 

Available in Natural Gas and Liquid Propane configurations, the Boulevard features an electronic intermittent pilot ignition system with battery back-up and a multifunction thermostatic remote to control the flames and lighting. The Smart Thermostat function lets you set and maintain your ideal temperature, while the optional dual-blower helps direct the heat. With your choice of firebox liner, decorative trim kit, and fire media, it’s easy to make the Boulevard match your style. 


What Makes It Great: 

The Montigo Delray redefines contemporary style with its simple, linear design and 48-inch viewing area! A narrow framing depth allows the Delray to fit in rooms of all sizes without sacrificing floor space, while the optional Slim Trim Kit adjusts to provide a clean, flush finish — even on stone hearths.

Key Features: 

With its 21,000-BTU output and optional dual-fan system, the Delray is a reliable room heater. It’s equipped with a Proflame 2 Basic Control Module, but you can upgrade to the full-feature Proflame 2 Control System with thermostatic remote to control the heat and accent lighting from anywhere in the room. Make the 48-inch Delray one-of-a-kind with your choice of firebox liner, halogen downlighting, an Invisimesh screen, and fire media.


What Makes It Great: 

If you’re looking for a timeless design that fuses effortlessly with your decor, opt for the 36-inch Delray Direct Vent Gas Fireplace! Featuring clean, sharp edges, a linear burner, and Star Ice fire glass media, this fireplace makes it easy to elevate the ambiance in any room you choose.

Key Features: 

The Delray’s 16,000 BTU output maintains a cozy room temperature, while the option to add a dual-fan system transforms the firebox into an effective way to heat your space. Customize the Delray by upgrading to the full-feature, remote-operated Proflame 2 Control System, reflective black glass panels, halogen downlighting, an Invisimesh screen, and your choice of fire media for a look tailored to your taste.


What Makes It Great: 

Light up your space with the bold, ultramodern 48-inch Empire Contemporary Boulevard Direct Vent Gas Fireplace! A large viewing area, recessed linear burner, and dynamic flame presentation steal the spotlight, while the 38,000-BTU output warms every corner of the room. The included multifunction thermostatic remote lets you turn up the heat or cool it down to your comfort level.

Key Features: 

The Boulevard is totally customizable, from its internal components to optional accent features. It comes with an electronic intermittent pilot ignition system and a battery back-up so that you can use your fireplace during power outages. An optional dual-blower lets you achieve your ideal comfort level year-round. Upgrade your Boulevard with an accent lighting kit, decorative trim kit, and a fine mesh barrier screen. Then, add pizzazz with your choice of firebox liner, decorative front, crushed fire glass, or for a traditional wood fire feel, ceramic gas logs and stones.


What Makes It Great: 

With a low-profile, tempered glass design and in-floor LED lighting, the Superior DRL3500 Direct Vent Linear Gas Fireplace transforms your space into a chic, contemporary lounge. Find the right fit with 35, 45, and 55-inch models, then choose from several decorative liners, surrounds, and fire glass colors for a custom finishing touch.

Key Features:

Equipped with an electronic ignition system and battery back-up, the DRL3500 quickly warms your space with a built-in, heat-circulating blower. Tailor the ambiance to your liking, without leaving your seat with the included Proflame II multi-function thermostatic remote control, which lets you cycle through six blower speeds, adjust the flame height, and change the illumination settings.


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