Grey Flexi-Brick - Flat - 90 bricks
Item#: 1092052

Flexi-Brick is the easiest brick veneer on the market to install. Using a notched trowel spread the Flexi-Brick mortar over the area you wish to brick. Then embed the FlexiBrick into the mortar. Wipe the mortar joint smooth and you have a brick wall in no time.
Becase Flexi-Brick is lightweight and flexible, there is virtually no limit to where it can be applied -- interior or exterior. Flexi-Brick is resistant to mechanical stress and building movement, and can be applied to curved or uneven surfaces. Weighing approimately 1 lb. per sq. ft., and having a brick thinkness of 1/8", eliminates the need for footings or brick ledges. While Flexi-Brick can be installed as close as 6" to a heat source, it cannot be used as a heat shield material.
Flexi-Brick is composed of 92% specially mixed quartz sands and bonded with a poly-acrylic binder. These materials are UV resistant and colored throughout the entire brick, pre-venting any fading.

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