Premium Double-Wall Black Stove Pipe In-Line Damper
Item#: 2522186

The Premium Double-Wall Black Stove Pipe In-Line Damper in an in-line damper that is installed in a 6" length of pipe. Available in three diameters: 6", 7" and 8" we have a damper that will fit your needs. The unique design of this pipe and backed by a lifetime warranty make this the most superior pipe on the market.

Our Premium Double-Wall Stove Pipe is the superior choice in stove pipe because of it's design and function. The design of this pipe eliminates fumigating effects on initial firing of your appliance; the thermal web construction creates a free air flow that results in a cooler outer pipe temperature and the pipe is perfectly round and fits perfect pipe to pipe because of the smooth welding and precision end forming technology. This pipe is constructed with an outer wall made of 24-gauge satin coated steel and the inner pipe made of 430 stainless steel, with 1/2" in between the two. That 1/2" space is what keeps the outer pipe cooler and the innovative design helped to obtain UL listing.

Another great benefit to this pipe is it adapts to any brand of Class A chimney pipe fast and easy! The smooth-weld technology and precision end forming will allow you to transition to the current Class A pipe you already have in your home - something no other brand offers.


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