Black Stove Pipe Increaser 8"(Female) to 6"(Male)
Item#: 2529803

The days of Rust, Smoke and Chemical Fumes are over!

Introducing the industry's first Rust-Free & Fume-Free single-wall black stove pipe!

Comparable products currently on the market tend to rust and corrode prior to installation. Installers are put in the uncomfortable position of either hiding the pipe or explaining the use of a corroded pipe to skeptical homeowners.

These products also give off fumes and smoke on intial firing, forcing homeowners to open all their windows or leave the house entirely until the fumes and smoke dissipate.

Our premium stove pipe solves both of these problems! Its unique finishing procedure eliminates unsightly rust and corrosion, and gives off no fumes or smoke on initial firing.

Premium black stove pipe is the superior choice:

  • Manufactured from heavy duty 22 gauge cold-rolled steel
  • No smoking on initial firing - exclusive finish puts an end to the fumigating effects encountered with similar products
  • Rust-Free: No need to hide rusty pipes. Install with pride!
  • Perfectly round, perfect fit pipe to pipe. Use of the latest Butt-welding and forming technology means a superior product


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