Draft Bars Draft Inducer - Set of 3
Item#: 3770003

The Draft Bars Draft Inducer - Set of 3 combine the features of two other draft induction products, the Smoke Assassin and the FireQubes. Individual sections of the assembly can be pre heated on your stove.

The heavy steel construction means that this product will retain heat for hours after a fire is burning, maintaining updraft convection as the fire burns down. Additionally, Draft bars can be used as a simple fireplace grate and can be used to support an existing grate.

Simply set up the Draft Bars inside the firebox, preferably in the center and towards the back. Place the first Draft Bar in the back and the side bars in the interlocking position. To preheat, clean one of the sidebars of any excess soot or ash and pre heat in the oven. Using a high temperature glove, place the bar back into position, and you are ready to have a smoke free fire.


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