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HY-C Stainless Steel Chimney Cap Leg Kit
Item#: 1540158

Use this HY-C Stainless Steel Chimney Cap Leg Kit to convert your bolt on chimney cap to a slip on chimney cap. Simply add these 4 legs to your chimney cap and slip it firmly only your chimney.


  • Comes with a Set of 4 Legs Per Kit
  • Made of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Converts Draft King Bolt-On Chimney Cap to Slip-In
  • Used with HY-C Brand Chimney Covers

Use this HY-C Stainless Steel Chimney Cap Leg Kit when the flue tile does not extend high enough above the crown to secure your caps. They easily and quickly convert your caps from corner screw-in mounting to a snug fit inside the flue grip. Simply bolt the legs to the corners of your cap and slip them into the flue. Installation may not be totally secure in extremely high winds.

Note: Chimney caps are required to have no larger than 5/8" mesh openings in the state of California. If not in California, the manufacturer may not allow you to purchase a chimney cap with less than a 3/4" mesh due to concerns about Condensation freezing over the openings in cold climates and affecting proper draft.


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