Copper Weathershield Chimney Cap for Air Insulated Pipes
Item#: 1161116

The Weathershield Copper Cap uses copper for exceptional beauty and austenitic stainless steel for strength. Owners of homes in historic areas, or those with a higher sense of aesthetic values, may prefer the look of copper over traditional stainless steel. The Copper Vacu-Stack models are an excellent choice in these situations, and offer all of the benefits of the original stainless steel models. Each cap is built with sturdy austenitic stainless steel construction surrounded by a lustrous copper hood. The Weathershield Copper Chimney Cap helps maintain a chimney's optimum performance by keeping out rain, snow, leaves, debris, squirrels, birds and other animals. An added feature is the removable mesh screen that provides a measure of safety by helping to contain sparks. The Weathershield has a 100% stainless steel and copper construction that assures a long life and a rust-free performance. This model is designed for round, air cooled chimneys, has a 1" x 1" stainless steel screen mesh and works with the following types of chimneys: Double & Triple Wall, Masonry, Solid Pack Insulated, Class A, and B vent.

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