Weathershield MARINE Chimney Cap for Solid Pack Pipes
Item#: 1161050

The Weathershield Marine Chimney Cap helps maintain a chimney's optimum performance by keeping out rain, snow, leaves, debris, squirrels, birds and other animals. Specifically designed for homes near the ocean, the Weathershield Marine Chimney Cap uses a specially formulated alloy of stainless steel that includes molybdenum to increase corrosion resistance by a factor of 10. All chimneys influenced by salt water will benefit from using the Weathershield Marine Chimney Cap. Benefits include longer life, improved appearance and enhanced performance. An added feature is the removable mesh screen that provides a measure of safety by helping to contain sparks. This model is designed for round, non air cooled chimneys, has a 1" x 1" stainless steel screen mesh and works with the following types of chimneys: Single Wall, Masonry, Solid Pack Insulated, Class A, and B vent.

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