316L Chimney Champion Rigid Chimney Liner Kit - 10"
Item#: N2529907

The Rigid 316L liners are recommended when venting gas, oil, or coal burning appliances.

Create your own liner kit with all of the Rigid Liner Parts available below. You can select the parts that will fit your chimney and the job to be completed easily!

The 316L Chimney Champion Rigid Chimney Liner Kit - 10" is backed by our Lifetime warranty. Follow the simple maintenance requirements and this chimney liner will be the last one you install. Using our chimney liners will increase the value of your home as the warranty will transfer to the next occupants.

The Rigid Liner can be joined together using screws or high-temp silicone. Once correctly installed, rigid liner can provide the safest chimney lining available. It is easy to insulate the outside of the liner. This provides more protection for any combustible components near the chimney. The perfectly smooth inner wall of the liner provides a surface that creosote has a difficult time binding with. This allows easy cleaning of the chimney and helps reduce the risk of chimney fires.

The top plate and wind cap protect your chimney liner system and your roof from the elements. They stop water from entering into your home and help ensure the longevity of the liner system. Our exclusive top plate is resistant to sagging and leaking and will hold your Chimney liner system in place even in the strongest of storms.


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