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Enervex Chimney Fan Repeater for EW40
Item#: 1093052

The Enervex Chimney Fan Repeater for EW40 allows you to operate wireless control of your chimney fan over longer distances by boosting the signal.


  • Position 20-30 feet from fan to control
  • Easy to install
  • Ensures better communication with fan and wireless control

When you use the Enervex Chimney Fan Repeater for EW40, you'll enjoy the full potential of your chimney. This control eliminates smoke and ash, while ensuring the best optimization and air flow for combustion. It will help provide your family with pleasant evenings filled with warmth and well-being at your command.

Not only are you gaining wireless control over your chimney with the Enervex Chimney Fan Repeater for EW40 - you are also are making it far easier to install. The fan is simply mounted on the chimney and linked to the power unit with a pre-fitted supply cable. Both discreet and elegant, the wireless control fits seamlessly into your surroundings. Maintain complete control of your chimney when you order today.


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