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Enervex Chimney Fan - RS14 - 16.8"x16.8"
Item#: 55500002

Are you having incurable draft problems? Look no further for a solution than our Enervex Chimney Fan - RS14 - 16.8"x16.8". Available in four sizes to fit most chimneys, our Enervex Chimney Fan - RS14 - 16.8"x16.8" mounts outside the chimney, where it literally sucks the smoke out from the flue.


  • Fully-enclosed motor
  • Maintenance free - air-cooled, prelubricated, sealed ball bearings
  • Pre-wired junction box
  • Fan speed control
  • Included bird screen

The Enervex Chimney Fan - RS14 - 16.8"x16.8" is constructed from premium cast aluminum and stainless steel, providing you with a durable solution for your drafting dilemmas. This chimney fan is also energy efficient. It only uses as much energy as a standard light bulb!

Please Note: Before installing the Enervex Chimney Fan - RS14 - 16.8"x16.8", please check local codes and have the 110V wiring installed by a certified electrician.


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