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Tjernlund Exhaust COP
Item#: 2560050

The Tjernlund Exhaust COP is a constant operating pressure control. When you pair this device with your RT chimney fan, you ensure proper draft and relieve strain on the fan motor.


  • Patented motor speed control
  • Activated by switch or as constant operation
  • Modulates inducer speed to meet exhaust demand
  • Perfect for exhausting multiple clothes dryers in common or chase
  • Easy to install package

Enjoy energy and cost savings when you use the Tjernlund Exhaust COP. As it measures the exhaust demand on the chimney system, it will accordingly modulate the inducer speed to match.

Your chimney fan and draft system will maintain proper performance for a very long time when paired with the Tjernlund Exhaust COP. Save your time and money and protect your investments by purchasing today.


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