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Tjernlund Rooftop Draft Inducer Wood/Solid Fuels - Standard
Item#: 2560038

Solve draft problems caused by design problems, cold starts or unusual fireplaces. The Tjernlund Rooftop Draft Inducer Wood/Solid Fuels - Standard features a clamshell design for easy service, a patented auxiliary cooling fan for motor protection, backward inclined material handling impeller, speed control, an outdoor rated electrical whip and high temperature black finish.

This auto drafter comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and a 6 month satisfaction guarantee.

To determine the size you need measure the length and height of your hearth opening. Multiply the length and height to determine the face area opening in square feet (divide square inches by 144 to convert to square feet). If the fireplace is open on the side or back, total all openings to arrive at the total face area.

Auto Drafter Features:

  • For tile lined chimney this clamps to rectangular tile liners 6" x 6" through 10" x 14" and round tile liners from 6"-11"
  • For metal vents it fits vent pipes as small as 8" in diameter and as large as 12" outer diameter
  • Patented auxiliary fan-automatically turns on if gets to hot
  • Adjustable 250-750 CFM

Maintenance: The auto drafter is designed for continuous use. The motor is equipped with permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings which do not require oiling. A vent pipe inspecation must be performed annually. The inspection should include checking all vent pipe and connections blockage and leaks. A safety interlock test must also be performed on the Gas/Oil Fuel models.For gas applications no regular maintenance is required. For solid fuel models inspec impeller after 3 mo nths and set periodic inspecation and cleaning as necessary.


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