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Tjernlund UC1 Universal Control
Item#: 2560044

The Tjernlund UC1 Universal Control interlocks mechanical draft and combustion air systems with gas/oil fired heating equipment. This safety feature makes sure that your chimney fan is operable before allowing your fireplace fuel to come to the fireplace and ignite. It can be activated by any heater control signal or by a pressure switch or relay using the 5 VDC Control supplied dry contacts.

The Tjernlund UC1 Universal Control features:

  • Adjustable pre and post purge
  • LED status/diagnostic indicators
  • Selectable voltage to avoid false triggering by electronic burner controls
  • Prover switch check circuit to verify that the fan prover switch is open prior to operation
  • A 10-second prover switch delay to eliminate burner start up or wind induced prover switch short cycling
  • A 5 VDC Control supplied fan prover signal that isolates the burner load circuit from the prover switch circuit


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