Proper Sizing of your chimney liner is very important.
The size you use is directly related to the functional performance of your chimney. As we may stress the importance of this factor, don't be alarmed. Woodland Direct has gone to great lengths to make sure your chimney liner is properly sized and performs the task it is intended as a vital part of your heating system.

In regards to size we are more specifically refering to the diameter of your liner not the length, although length is still a factor of performance. If your liner diameter is too small your chimney will not "draft" properly. Simply put, it will not exhaust easily or in some cases it will not exhaust at all, backing smoke up into your home. On the other hand, if your liner diameter is too large, you will be losing a great deal of heat up your chimney severly decreasing the efficiency of your heating unit. As you can see the right size liner is critical to performance. It's also important to note that the temperature of your liner/chimney is also a critical factor in properly drafting your chimney. The warmer your chimney is, the more it will draw the smoke up and out. That is why some people may improperly size their liners, and when they install their woodstove or woodburning insert in the warmer months, it all works fine, but in the winter, smoke backs up into the house.

What Size Liner is Right For You?
  • Use our Chimney Liner Autosizer program above to determine your chimney liner size and/or shape.
  • If you have a questions call one of our experienced experts toll-free at 800-919-1904.