Chimney Champion Crown Mount Cap - 8"x13"
Item#: 2520311

The Chimney Champion Crown Mount Cap - 8"x13" mates directly to your Easy Flex Liner. The Chimney Champion quick connection system ensures a strong and tight fit between the cap and the liner. By simply tightening the steel connection strap you have a strong and clean connection without the use of screws that pierce the liner.

The count mount caps have a top plate built in. The cap is connected to the built in top plate via a hinge and catch system. This allows for easy cleaning of your chimney liner system. The built in top plate is mounted to your roof or chimney via screws.

Caps are an essential part to any Chimney Lining system. The help prevent the elements from entering your chimney and potentially causing corrosion or even chimney blockage. This cap has both a mesh screen to stop animal incursions and a rain guard to help prevent the wind from blowing rain into the chimney system.

This cap is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. As well as being backed by our skilled technical sales staff. Just give us a call and we will help you plan your chimney lining project.


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