Chimney Surround System
Item#: 2120010

Get rid of that unsightly metal chimney!

Take that ugly metal pipe and convert it to a beautiful faux chimney. When you use our new chimney surround system hiding that metal pipe is easy, convenient and practical. The Chimney Surround is made from high grade 22 gauge steel for unbeatable durability. The Chimney Surround's uses "SpaceGuard" finish technology. SpaceGuard finishes is unsurpassed for strength and durability. It is resilient, weatherproof, fire-resistant, waterproof and salt resistant.

It's a Space-Age Miracle!

SpaceGuard forms a lasting, rock-hard coating when applied to most any clean surface, inside or out. It adheres firmly to wood, concrete, metal, glass ... even to fiberglass and dries to a flat stucco-like finish. SpaceGuard is unaffected by oil, grease, salt or corrosion. Since it can not burn, it forms a fire-retardant surface to flammable materials. It provides a perfect, lasting surface to floors and steps and will resist wear. SpaceGuard also controls radon.

The Chimney Surround, available in either a square or rectangular model, is pre-cut to a 4/12 pitch, but can easily be cut to other pitches. Have an extra-tall metal chimney pipe? Add an extension kit for a 6ft or even 8ft tall chimney!

Please note: Red Brick is in-stock, all other color options ship withing 4-6 weeks.


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