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PelletVent Pro Chimney System Parts

DuraVent's PelletVent Pro chimney system is designed with the professional in mind. Double walled for durability and safety some parts are available in black making it an aesthetically pleasing venting system.

Pellet Vent Pro

Professional installers love our Pellet Vent Pro. It provides reliable venting for the exhaust gases from a heating stove. Nothing beats the quality and longevitiy of a professionaly installed chimney system.

DuraVent Single Wall Stove Pipe

DuraVent Double Wall Stove Pipe

DuraTech Chimney System Parts

DuraVent's DuraTech chimney system is the professionals choice for flue drafting solutions. DuraTechs high tech construction ensures an accurate and effective installation every time. DuraTech features light weight insulation, twist-lock fittings, support boxes with factory installed starter sections, and elbows with 360º swivel bases. You can even buy DuraTech with a black finish on select lengths.

DuraPlus HTC Chimney System Parts

DuraPlus HTC meets all the requirements to be UL Listed in Canada. It is listed under the OMNI ULC S629. You can trust this chimney system to help protect your home even in the event of a chimney fire.

DuraPlus Chimney System Parts

Duravent's DuraPlus chimney system is designed with the American Home-Owner in mind. Triple walled for extra security and ease of installation, these components will make your chimney install a breeze.

Dura Chimney System

Direct Vent

Class-A Triple Wall

Technological innovation defines our Home Owner Chimney System parts and kits. Our Triple Walled Class A chimney system keeps cool on the outside and provides a hot draft on the inside. This boosts stove efficiency by exhausting the hot flue gases easily. The Triple Wall Class A chimney system provides a fire-safe design that protects both the chimney and the building. Our home owner chimney system is designed for easy installation. You do not have to be a chimney expert to set this system up. The Triple wall chimney features two separate insulating layers. The first is a high performance ceramic blanket and the second is still air space. The ceramic blanket is held securely in place, eliminating hotspots common with loose fill insulations. In the event of a chimney fire the compressible blanket actually expands with the chimney to accommodate the increased heat load.

Class-A Double Wall for Canadians

Our Chimney System for Canadian Home owners meets or exceeds all Canadian chimney safety standards. Our insulated chimney uses light weight silica-ceramic for insulation. This insulation will not shrink or cause gaps like competitors’ products made of mineral wool and other loose-fill insulation. No gaps mean no hot spots which means your home is kept safer and your flue is kept more efficient. Encased between two stainless steel walls, the insulation maintains a barrier that will not shift or settle. The 2” wall keeps the exterior cool, while ensuring high temperatures in the flue for optimum draft performance.

Class-A Double Wall

Our Chimney’s sleek 1” wall design provides for easy installations through 16” on center framing and we offer reduced sized kits for tighter installations. Designed for normal continuous operation at 1000ºF flue gas temperatures, it is tested to rigorous and stringent c-UL-us testing requirements. With a thermal tech blanket insulation encased between duel walls, our chimney system offers premium performance and safety. This system is designed for professional installation only. If not installed by a certified installer the Lifetime Warranty will be void. The inner wall is 25% thicker than competitive chimneys for an extra margin of safety. No locking bands or mechanical fasteners required.

Champion Single Wall Black Stove Pipe

Champion Double Wall Black Stove Pipe

Champion Chimney System Parts

Black Stove Pipe

Black stove pipe funnels the smoke and exhaust out from your stove. Our premium black stove pipe has patented technology throughout. Most stove pipe gives of noxious fumes the first time it is used. Our Stove pipe gives off no fumes! We have a gap cover that leaves no unsightly seam where sections of pipe are joined. We have single wall stove pipe in multiple diameters and can work with you to design the perfect system for your installation.

B-Vent Chimney System

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