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Champion Through The Wall Chimney System Kit - 6" Diameter
Item#: N2522418

The Champion Through The Wall Chimney System Kit - 6" Diameter is a superior Class-A chimney system! The Champion line is constructed of stainless steel with smooth-weld seams, unique webbing and insulation, along with a lifetime warranty making this system the Champion and industry leader.

Use our Chimney System Designer below to configure your kit. Our step by step designer will allow you to build your complete system from top to bottom.

With our exclusive webbing design, insulated with a proprietary silicate blend, it will reduce heat transfer to exterior walls, allows for thermal bridging between pipe sections and reinforces fastening system 360º. The silicate blend is the only chimney insulation that is non-toxic, non-carcinogenetic and is not a skin irritant. It is so safe, even if ingested, it will not cause harm (not suggested). The insulation can withstand up to 2192ºF, the highest in the industry.

Each part of this system has been rigorously tested and is UL103HT listed. This is the only chimney system available that is tested to the modern high-temperature (HT) standards up to 2100ºF. Considering all of these features the Champion chimney system is the best in the industry.

When installing it requires a 2" clearance to combustibles. The Champion line of chimney systems carries a lifetime warranty to the original homeowner - making it one of the best in the industry!


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