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Imperial Copper Chimney Pot
Item#: 1050104

Featuring an Old World Style, the Imperial Copper Chimney Pot is one of our elite Chimney Pots, Exclusive to Woodland Direct.
Designed to add a prestigious look to your chimney top, the Imperial Copper Chimney Pot extends your chimney flue, mounting to the top of your chimney.
Copper Pot Details...

  • Available in: Natural Copper, Aged Copper, Brown Patina Copper
  • Multi Flue adaptations possible
  • Can be ordered with a chase cover
  • Can accommodate almost any custom sizing needs
  • Safe for use in coast line and high salt areas
  • Corrosion proof with proper installation(only use stainless steel screws)

Copper pots provide an elegant solution to protecting your chimney. You have the choice to allow your copper pot to age naturally or to have it prefinished with an aged(green) patina or a unique brown patina. To maintain the brand new copper look you can coat your pot with a copper protectant.


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